Sweet and chilli julep

26 Sep 2015
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This is a great drink to share outdoors with friends. Old jam jars or coffee jars make the perfect vessel for this rustic beverage with a spicy kick…Yum!
Sweet and chilli julep

Garnish|Large mint sprig, slapped prior to adding to the glass to release more aroma, a dehydrated orange wheel and more orange zest ribbons

Glass |Jam jar


50ml Jack Daniels

1-2 tspof Seville or apricotmarmalade

8-10 mint leaves

Orange zest ribbons


To your jam jar add the marmalade, mint, ribbons and Jack Daniels. Half fill the jar with crushed ice and churn to mix and dilute the flavors. Top with fresh ice and garnish. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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