The term ‘room service’ is being given a whole new meaning over at Shoreditch’s Town Hall Hotel and Apartments, where guests can book their own chef from Michelin-starred restaurant Viajante to prepare a six course tasting menu for two people. Prices also include wine pairing and an overnight stay in one of the hotel’s executive apartments.

As part of the package, couples can book the services of lauded Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes, who hasspent time in kitchens all over the world, including at the now-defunct El Bulli in Roses. Known for his modern cooking and interesting ingredient combinations, Mendes’tasting menus combine the simple with the extravagant, taking inspiration from Portugal, Spain, Asia and Scandinavia, culminating in menus that manifest“the sum of my experiences until today”, according to the chef.

This package is perfect for those wanting to take an intimate look into the processes of professional chefs.

Town Hall Hotel Apartmentsis located on Patriot Square. For further information visit

The chef-in-room dining experience ranges from £600+VAT to £1500+VAT (for Nuno Mendes, subject to availability)) and includes an executive apartment for one night and dinner for 2 people.