Stoves of Substance

04 Apr 2019
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Crafters of bespoke, technologically innovative artisan stoves, Electrolux Professional, continues the Molteni legend with the addition of the Molteni Caractère. Sleek, sophisticated and superlative, the Molteni Caractère is designed to revolutionize the kitchens of professionals.

Each tailor-made Molteni stove is crafted to give the kitchen professional the incomparable feeling of owning something truly luxurious and unique that boasts a bespoke design, artisan fabrication and the most exquisite hand finishes.

FOUR speaks to two of Electrolux Professional’s spokespersons to find out more about Electrolux Professional and the new Molteni Caractère.

Mariapaola Da Rui | Luxury Segment Manager at Electrolux Professional

Can you tell us a bit about the history of Electrolux Professional, and the luxury segment of the Company?

Electrolux Professional has a long tradition as leading provider of food service, beverage and laundry solutions dedicated to a wide range of customers – from restaurants and hotels, to care and institutions. But for us this was not enough, and already in the late 90s we understood the importance to have a high-end brand to meet the requirements of the luxury segment. Molteni was the perfect answer to that need.

What luxury products does Electrolux Professional offer?

Molteni is Electrolux Professional’s precious gem. Most of the global Michelin-starred chefs chose a marvelous Molteni stove for their kitchens, from Alain Ducasse to the young Daniel Humm in New York City.  However, we can also rely on our thermaline to answer the special requests of the luxury segment. This range combines an incredibly contemporary design with robustness and high-tech, efficient cooking functions. The Seta Restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Milan (2 Michelin Stars) is a prestigious thermaline reference. But this is just one of the most recent examples.

What makes the Molteni brand and its products so special in your opinion?

Legend, jewel, masterpiece… These are just some of the words that are being used to describe Molteni. I would say that UNIQUENESS is probably the best one. Each Molteni stove is a truly unique tailor-made piece – for every stove produced we generate a unique Production Number.

It is like a special dress designed and embroidered only to grant a customer’s desire. Chefs usually want not only to personally select the cooking functions of their stoves: they also love to be creative and choose colors and finishing.

What is your vision for Electrolux Professional as the Manager of the luxury segment?

I believe that having a “luxury brand” would be strategic for every Company. This would be not only for a positive “halo effect”, but also to have a kind of special key to access some “niche” business opportunities. We are very lucky to have Molteni in our portfolio. Molteni has an iconic history since 1923, and deserves all our attention now and in the future.

What interesting trends/themes are going on in the world of professional kitchens?

Trends are more and more shaping our food experiences, just like it has always happened in fashion. Healthy food, food safety, probiotics, sustainable food, as well as lean kitchen, ergonomics, connected appliances… are just some of the most recurring terms in the culinary and professional kitchens landscape. We need to stay ahead of these trends, in order to inspire our customers with the right technology, thus making their work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day.

Michele Cadamuro | Design Director at Electrolux Professional

What does your role as Design Director entail?

By “Design” we at Electrolux Professional mean the comprehensive design of experiences: how our users experience our products on a daily basis, and how we as designers can improve it. My role is to enable and inspire my talented Team to answer these questions, in order to contribute to make our customers’ work-lives easier and more profitable.

What is the design philosophy of the Electrolux Professional products in general?

We call it “Human Touch”. The Human Touch represents our dedication to our customers’ needs, putting people at the center of everything we do and think, envisioning a future in the collaboration with other functions. Human Touch designs for all our senses, from material quality and feel, fit and finish to thoughtfulness of use and context through in-depth usability testing.

Are there specific design elements present in every product?

Of course, consistency and personality are required as part of our users’ and customers’ experiences. We have defined some guidelines for each of our Brands that can help us to deliver a compelling design proposition, in order to effectively convey our Brand values.

Can you tell us about the design process of the products?

Our Design process is focused on the desired experience by exploring the question “how do we want our customers to think, feel and learn when they interact with our products and services”?

What inspired the design of the Molteni Caractére?

The final Design is the result of in-depth research in the field and collaboration with our customers as well as our internal stakeholders. The inspiration comes by connecting all the inputs collected and by listening and observing people.

Tell us more about the Molteni Caractére. What should we expect from it, what makes it so special, etc?

The coexistence of present and past is what makes this product so special. The expectation is to intercept the expectations of the new generations of professionals.

What are your favorite Electrolux Professional’s designs?

thermaline, the new Rack Type Dishwashers, SpeeDelight and the new Line 6000 Laundry range. Only to mention some of the latest product launches. Not an easy task for a father to prefer only one of his babies 😉

What interesting design trends are going on in the world of professional kitchens?

I would say that technology and sustainability are the most interesting ongoing design trends in the world of professional kitchens. Technology is changing the way we consider and use products; primarily IOT and connectivity. Sustainability is becoming a great opportunity both for us as manufacturers and for our customers to rethink the future and give a concrete contribution to create a better life for us and for our planet.


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