Stellar Sound: Introducing beyerdynamic’s Latest Audio Artistry

18 Nov 2020
3 min read
beyerdynamic, a name synonymous with superb sound and elegant design, are at the forefront of the modern audio movement. Entirely developed in Germany and crafted by hand, their innovative audio products boast pioneering technology and sound of the highest quality. FOUR takes a closer look at their latest release: the third generation T1 & T5 headphones…

beyerdynamic’s continuous quest for betterment and perfection produces an impressive range of ever-evolving products that are always top-class. Each of their audio creations – whether tailored for professional or private use – are crafted to the highest standards, and the brand’s latest releases, the third generation T1 and T5 models, are no different. Marking a new milestone in beyerdynamic’s flagship model, the audio authority has raised the bar once again in both benchmarks of sound and design. Handmade by beyerdynamic in Heilbronn, Germany, the T1 and T5 look, feel and sound one step closer to perfection.

Similar in appearance and functionality, the T1 and T5 models bear one major difference in their operating principle: the T1 is open, while the T5 is closed. As expected from beyerdynamic, both models boast unrivalled richness of detail and spatiality as well as an improved sound experience.

“We know there’s nothing that can’t be improved, so our acoustical engineers have managed to now make our benchmark-setting headphones even better: At the heart of the third-generation T1 is a gently intensified bass to give the very neutral, spatial sound signature even more warmth for even more enjoyment.”

beyerdynamic’s T5 headphones have always been renowned for their uncompromising, clear sound quality, and in an impressive feat, the brand’s acoustical engineers have managed to improve them even further. The third-generation T5 now achieves better, more natural reproduction of high mid-range frequencies presenting a sound signature that is even more realistic, with voices and instruments in particular being delivered clearer and more accentuated.

The T1 and T5’s drivers feature the label’s legendary Tesla technology, which further ensure the most high-definition sound is delivered. The Tesla drivers are developed, manufactured and individually measured at beyerdynamic’s German headquarters, where they are then matched to ensure both sides of the headphones have the best pairing. The result is extreme precision and particularly spacious sound.

Design and acoustics go hand in hand at beyerdynamic and that is why each and every product is as remarkable in appearance as it is in functionality. The T1, for example, possesses a precise and elegant perforated pattern on its surface housing, which is achieved using a sophisticated etching process applied to the material and is fine-tuned to the headphones’ acoustics. This ensures the headphones not only look light and transparent but sound light and transparent, too.

The open-back design of the T1 headphones ensures the best, most natural spatial sound reproduction possible. The tilted arrangement of the drivers also contributes to the sense of spatiality in the sound, giving the feel akin to being in front of centerstage at a concert. Like the T1, the T5’s drivers are also tilted to produce a three-dimensional audio space. The T5 is primarily recommended for noisier environments thanks to its closed-back design, which ensures that external, ambient noise is reduced while inhibiting sound leakage from the headphones.

Both models are also Hi-Res Audio certified and provide lossless high-resolution sound. This guarantees that your melodies of choice maintain their musical details and nuances during playback, giving you a listening experience as close to the original recording as is possible.

High-end through and through, only the highest quality materials are used in the construction of the T1 and T5 headphones. The housing covers of the T1 are made from lacquered stainless steel and the yokes for both the T1 and T5 use brushed and anodised aluminium for a particularly striking surface structure. The plug-in cables are covered in fabric and contain conductors made from ultra-high-purity OCC7N copper – the highest-quality material available for ensuring optimum signal transmission. Finally, the use of Alcantara® gives these models that certain something that elevates them to a truly high-end set of headphones.

The T1’s replaceable ear pads are made from breathable velour, while the T5’s ear pads feature a protein-coated leatherette. Within the ear pads of both models there is a multi-layer filling that aids in the fine-tuning of the sound while also making the headphones extremely comfortable to wear. One of the layers is made from memory foam which adapts to each user and ensures an excellent customised fit. As a result, nothing can stand in the way of a long listening session.

Without a doubt, the third generation of these masterpiece headphones takes the listening experience to new heights. With optimized acoustics and a design that’s as flawless as ever, these refined works of audio art are more than an upgrade, they are a true upgrace. As a testament to the outstanding design quality of the T1 and T5 headphones, they were recognized by the German Design Awards 2021 where  they won in the category “Excellent Product Design – Entertainment”. Audiophiles indulge, because sound doesn’t get better than this!

To find out more about beyerdynamic and their products, visit their website. For additional information on the T1 and T5 models, click here.