Stars in store for San Fran

17 Oct 2015
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FOUR catches up with Kerstin Kühn to see who she thinks will be in spotlight when this year’s Michelin Guide 2016 San Francisco is revealed next week…

What surprises do you think we’ll see in this years guide?

After Michelin’s unprecedented move last year of promoting two restaurants to its top echelon of three stars (Benu and Saison) I’m not sure we can expect to see an equally grandiose gesture from the red guide this year.

Does anyone stand out for you as a strong contender for gaining stars?

One contender for three stars could be Manresa, which successfully reopenedearly this yearafter a devastating fire. Erstwhile Grace and Saison sous chef Mitch Lienhard has joined as chef de cuisine and with all the improvements David Kinch and team have implemented since reopening, three stars may well be within reach.

As far as new two star restaurants are concerned, nobody stands out particularly to me but it will be interesting to see if Michelin keeps Coi at two stars following Daniel Patterson’s announcement that he will leave the kitchen next January. My bet would be yes.

Whichhopefulnewcomers are on your radar for this year’s guide?

Newcomers such as The Progress, Al’s Place, Mourad, Aaxte and Rintaro have all had positive reviews socould be in for one star. But as always with Michelin, they’re remaining tight-lipped and until the guide is published, it’s all just speculation. Whatever happens, there’ll be winners and losers and I’m sure no shortage of contention regarding the results.

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