Spring fling with Caorunn Gin

22 Apr 2015
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Using herbs foraged from the Scottish highlights, this artisan gin adds a truly special twist to your Spring cocktails.
Caorunn Gin

We at FOUR have had the pleasure of testing this special tipple from Caorunn, Scotland to offer you FOUR great Spring gin cocktails. Collaborating with top mixologists from around the world, this small batch handcrafted gin, infused with six tradional and five locally foraged celtic botanicals, including Rowan berry, Coul blush apple, heather, bog myrtle and dandelion leaf, is unique flavoured spirit anda must have in your drinks cabinet.

Spring herbs Gin and Tonic

Creator |Scott Gemmel, LA Bartenders

Garnish |Thin (10inch) celery stalk, coated with ground Szechuan black pepper and Granny Smith green apple slice

Glass |High-ball


1 part Caorunn Gin

2 parts premium tonic water

1 thin celery stalk

1 Granny Smith apple

Szechuan black pepper


Build ingredients over cubed ice.

Aubrey Cloud

Creator |Tai Altman, IP Bartenders

Glass | 12 ozHighball

Garnish |Apple slice, orange twist


225ml Caorunn Gin

100ml elderflower cordial

350ml pressed apple juice

225ml ginger ale

22 drops Angostura bitter


Add alcohol and bitters. Then add some fine diced orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit and 3 long sprigs of mint before adding the ice. Then fill with cubed ice and add mixers. Stir well so fruit is distributed.

The Caorunn twist Negroni

Glass | Rocks

Garnish |Orange twist


25ml Caorunn Gin

25ml sweet vermouth

25ml Aperol


Stir over all ingredients overice and serve immediately.

Rich Pickings

Creator |Ervin Trykowski

Glass | Coupe/Martini

Garnish |Red currents, Atomized bog myrtle tincture over the top


50ml Caorunn Gin

25ml Malic Acid Solution

20ml Rowan Berry Syrup

Atomized Bog Myrtle Tincture


Add all ingredients except tincture to a mixing glass. Pour into glass and atomise with bog myrtle tincture. Serve immediately.

Find out more about Caorunn Gin here |www.caorunngin.com