Spanish Fine Wine Institute

15 Jul 2014
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Having just been launched by Araex, the Spanish Fine Wine Institute’s motto is “taste, learn, experience, travel & enjoy”. FOUR finds out more…

“The Grand Wines aims to be the leader in quality anddistribution for modern Spanish brands”

What is the The Spanish Fine Wine Institute?

Bringing the leading Spanish wineries together, The Spanish Fine Wine Institute is a private academic association. The Wine Institute brings together the resources of 20 wineries and affiliate businesses to support academic study and wine culture, international market development, media relations, scientific research and education programs that benefit the entire wine industry and consumers. The Wine Institute also pursues numerous programs and community alliances that promote sustainable and healthy practices from the ground to the bottle.

What are the Institute’s goals?

To support wine academic study and culture development, tppromote the Spanish wine tradition, tolead scientific research in wine industry and toempower local wine communities and consumers.

What does the Institute do to attain the goals?

Lots! Short, agile and modern courses with an important experiential andtraining component. TheWine Institute’s motto is “Taste, learn, experience, travel & enjoy”involvingthe wide range of education opportunitites in different fieldswhich include:

  • Training & Education
  • Sommellerie & Enology
  • Wine & Art tastings
  • Spanish vinification & culture
  • Master Classes (from 25 October to 7 November Araexwill be in Hong Kong, Shangai & Tokyo conducting masterclasses.)
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Enotourism & Wine Tourism

Find out more about Araex in .Register to be part of theSpanish Fine Wine Instituteonsfw-institute.orgor by