Spain’s Culinary Gold

27 Feb 2020
2 min read
The 41st edition of Spain’s Repsol Guide (Guia Repsol) has been revealed, and among the talented chefs and restaurants who have been acknowledged for their excellence this year is Óscar Molina of La Gaia restaurant at the sumptuous Ibiza Gran Hotel.

Akin to the Michelin Guide, the Repsol Guide is the Spanish version of the illustrious guide for foodies, identifying and awarding the best restaurants and chefs in the country. In addition, the Repsol Guide gives a definitive list of top Sapnish food-centric destinations as well as a ‘slow travel’ guide through the country.

At this year’s Repsol Guide revelation, 2 restaurants received the highest ranking of 3 Soles (suns), 23 restaurants received 2 Soles and a whopping 77 restaurants received 1 Sol. With so many glowing culinary stars on Spain’s horizon, there is no doubt that the country is a playground for gastronomy lovers.

The two restaurants with top honors were Les Cols in Catalonia and Culler de Pau in Galicia. The 23 restaurants that received 2 soles were A Tafona; Ábaco, ‘Angle; Bagá, Bardal; Beat; Cinc Sentits; El Nuevo Molino; Gofio by Cicero Canary; La Aquarela; La Boscana; La Costa; La Gaia; La Huertona; La Lobita; La Salgar; Les Moles; Lú, Cocina y Alma; Magoga; Moments; Refectory; Regueiro-Diego Fernández and 99 Kô Sushi Bar.

These lauded restaurants are spread across the country, from the bustling hub of Barcelona to Madrid, Las Palmas, Asturias, Cadiz and Ibiza. One of our personal favorites is restaurant La Gaia at the 5-star luxury Ibiza Gran Hotel. With chef Óscar Molina at the helm, the restaurant’s cuisine is a celebration of  Japanese tradition intertwined with Mediterranean produce. Here, Molina’s Mediterranean Kaiseki offering is framed within a sophisticated setting, brimming with art, design and of course, flavor.

The menu sees typical Japanese influences from traditional Kaiseki ceremonies presented using local ingredients. An authentic all-encompassing sensory experience, the dinner is a snapshot into the chef’s artistic and culinary expression.

Dishes include highlights such as the blue crab with citrus and sturgeon caviar; pickled beetroot with textures of coconut, horseradish tartar and watercress and a traditional Iberican crouton salad with sundried fish and pickled tomatoes – a twist on one of the  island’s favorites. The black pork and Iberican shrimp dumplings with crispy tapioca, raspberries and red chard sprouts are a true testament to Óscar’s wield of Japanese-Spanish cuisine.

For the full list and more details on the guide, visit the Guia Repsol website.


Images © Ibiza Gran Hotel