Sommelier sessions with Bruno Colomer

12 Dec 2015
2 min read
FOUR speaks to Bruno Colomer, head wine maker for Codorníu, the world’s oldest and second-largest producer of bottle-fermented Cava since 1551…

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona.

How did you find your way to into the world of viticulture?

I had a great teacher while I was studying for my degree. He helped me discover the world of cava. He also happened to be the Codorníu winemaker at the time!

Can you tell us a bit about the history of Codorniu?

Codorníu has a very long and rich history. Bodegas y Viñedos Codorníu Raventos has been making wine for over 450 years, making it the oldest family business in Spain, and one of the oldest winemakers in the world.

Codorníu was founded in 1551 when Bodegas y Viñedos Codorníu Raventós began to produce wines. In the 1870s, Josep Raventós applied the ‘Traditional’ or ‘Champenoise’ method to create his first bottle of Sparkling Wine – first known as ‘Xampagnet’ and later in the 1970s as Cava.

It was in 1895 that Manuel Raventós started to launch the business to new heights. He hired the art nouveau architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch to expand the winery. This winery was declared a Historical Artistic Monument in 1976.Codorníu has had many milestones throughout its history, such as the creation of Anna de Codorníu in 1983, in homage to the Codorníu heiress, which introduced Chardonnay grapes and is now Spain’s most popular Cava.

What led to the launch of the new Anna de Codorníu Blanc de Blancs?

We wanted to create a Cava that really embraced the style of Anna. Anna Blanc de Blancs is a refreshing and fruit-driven Cava, that uses chardonnay as well as traditional grapes such as macabeo, xarello and Parellada, grapes that are better suited to long aging. Aged for 15 months, it offers a great combination of fruitiness and vivacity, creaminess and complexity, perfect for matching with many different kinds of foods.

Can you give us some tasting notes for the new signature and any suitable pairings?

Anna de Codorníu Blanc de Blancs is very fresh and fruity with notes of tropical fruit and citrus. Alongside this, there are the more complex ageing aromas of toast and brioche. In the mouth, it’s creamy and well rounded with a long finish and fine, elegant bubbles. It’s a real gourmet Cava and good for accompanying a menu from start to finish, from sautéed vegetables to seafood and grilled meats to desserts!

What makes Codorniu so special in your opinion?

Codorniu is unique because it offers the chance to have total control over a Cava’s creation from the vineyards, from the very beginning. We create all of our Cavas using grapes from our vineyards. We have over 3000 hectares of our own in 3 different subregions, each with different soils and climates. This is amazing, because it means we can create Cavas with different styles and personalities.

What does it entail to be a wine producer?

I think that the really important thing is to enjoy it every day, and to take your work as a life philosophy. That is the key.

What interesting trends/themes are going on in the wine world?

Rosé is a reality now – it’s a trend that we cannot ignore. There are also other types of Cavas with sweeter profiles which appeal to a younger crowd.

What are your FOUR indispensable wine collection favourites?

These are wines for all occasions. My favourite collections are:

Sparkling wines|Cava andChampagne

Aged sweet wines |Sauternes, Portos, Alsacia, Jerez andTokaj

Aged red wines|Priorats andRioja

Dry white wines | Any good white from Galicia

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