Sling Cocktails

10 Dec 2015
2 min read
Need some drinks inspo for the weekend ahead? Look no further than FOUR’s round up of the 5 best sling cocktails from award-winning bartenders from around the world…Enjoy!


Canada | Taoufike Zrafi | The Bittered Sling

Pour all ingredients except garnishes in a shaker with ice, shake hard, strain into a collins glass over fresh ice, top with ginger all and garnish, enjoy.

30 ml cherry heering

30 ml tanqueray gin

15 ml fernet branca

15 ml orgeat syrup

15 ml fresh lemon juice

45 ml fever tree ginger ale”

Denmark | Nick Kobbernagel Hovind | The Sloe Sling

In a Boston glass combine the following ingredients.

2 cl. Cherry Heering

1,5 cl. Bitter Truth Sloe gin

4 cl. Aalborg Taffel Aquavit

3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

3 cl. Fresh lemon juice

1 cl. Simple Syrup

1 small dash egg white

Shake all ingredients hard for 8 seconds. Double strain into a very chilled Palais glass. Top with 3 cl. soda and stir. Garnish.

Estonia | Sigrid Sarv | O’ Polo Sling

Before starting to mix the cocktail, we have to make the tea – which is the key ingredient in this drink. Use a sweet berry loose leaf tea (10g of tea and 100ml of water), mix it with boiling water (leave it to stay for 5 minutes) and cool it down. After this is done – we can start to make the cocktail 🙂 Take a old-fashioned glass and add ice into it, leave it to cool. Take a Shaker and start to put into it the following ingredients (the ice cubes are the last thing you add to the shaker).

15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15 ml Cherry Heering Liqueur

30 ml Miyagikyo Single Malt 10 Whiskey

15 ml Martini Rosato

30 ml D.O.M Benedictine Liqueur

15 ml Cointreau

80 ml Sweet Berry Tea

20 ml Pineapple Juice

1 Bar Spoon of Grenadine Syrup

2 Dash of Fee Brothers Plum Bitter

Now add ice into the shaker and shake well! Add 2 ice cubes into the old-fashioned glass and cut 3 pieces of fresh paprika into the glass. Then strain the cocktail into the glass. Slide the rim of the glass with an orange peel. Garnish with anything you would like. Enjoy!

Singapore | Aron Christian Lobrino Manzanillo | Fables of the East

Glassware:Tulip Glass

20ml Peter Heering

15ml Tanquerey 10 Gin

10ml Aperol

Dash of Angustora Bitters

15ml Lemon Juice

10ml Simple Syrup

35ml Pineapple Juice

3 pcs. Amarena Cherry

3Thick Slices of Celery

Splash of Soda water

Mix Amarena Cherry and Celery in a mixing glass, add the rest of ingredients expect the soda water. Shake and strain in a Tulip glass, served with cube of ice and splash with soda water. Place garnish and serve.

USA | Jon Kraus | Pepito’s Slingshot

1.0 Ilegal Joven Mezcal

.5oz Heering

.5oz Barolo Chinato

.5oz Yellow Chartreuse

.25oz Ancho Reyes

.75oz Lime

Muddle two pineapple chunks (approx 1sq in.) with a pinch of salt. Add all ingredients, shake and double strain into an iced Collins glass. Top with 1oz club soda, lightly stir, and add garnish.