Sensuous Sojourns

06 Dec 2019
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Bentley Fragrances has launched its first collection of scents, starting with a trio of evocative olfactory escapades. Pairing peerless ingredients with exotic destinations, Bentley Beyond – The Collection is introducing a whole new world of fragrance to aroma aficionados.

Journeys are part of Bentley Motors’ DNA, with Walter Owen Bentley, the founder of the prestigious car brand, describing the joy of travel as “one of man’s fundamental longings.” Drawing upon this heritage, Bentley Beyond – The Collection transcends fascinating landscapes into extraordinary scent sensations.

Luxurious aromatic accessories created for trailblazers who admire meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality materials and originality, the Bentley Beyond fragrances are a must-have addition to the wardrobe. Carefully crafted by three rising young master perfumers, these scents transport the nose to their country of olfactory origin and are swathed in hues inspired by Bentley Motors’ exclusive palette.

“We created an incomparable collection for those who appreciate meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality materials and originality. For these exacting customers, fragrance must be an individual statement. An adventure,” says Victoria Wolf, Brand Manager of Bentley Fragrances

Exotic Musk by Mathilde Bijaoui has musky, amberry notes, taking the nose on a journey through Acapulco, Mexico with its golden cliffs and cerulean bays. An ode to the magnificent vistas of a legendary Mexican resort caressed by the Pacific Ocean, and oozing with Hollywood glamour, this silky haze of musk evokes the sensuality of Acapulco nights. Whiffs of tonka bean are brought to light by the deep glow of amber wood, while the seed of the native South and Central American cumaro completes the scent with a subtle tropical breath. Blue and teal hues characterize the Exotic Musk scent.

Majestic Cashmere by Julie Massé reflects the deep, rich  and woody scents of Goa, India where lush tropical beaches line the Arabian Sea and breathtaking Hindu, Portuguese and Ottoman-influenced architecture peppers the horizon. Radiant orris absolute and ambrette are offset by smooth, musky Cashmere wood. The heavenly trio of quintessentially Indian aromas – earthy patchouli, resinous incense and smoky vetiver Bourbon – accentuate the perfectly harmonious perfume. Tonka bean, musk and amberry labdanum resinoid complete the amber and plum-toned fragrance, which is as heartwarming as a fine pashmina.

Wild Vetiver by Sidonie Lancesseur tells the story of a voyage through Java, Indonesia, bursting with fragrant, woody notes reminiscent of ancient stone temples enveloped in verdant greenery with smoldering volcanoes in the distance. This green and mustard yellow-tinted fragrance explores the enigmatic island’s abundant treasures through its most prized aromatic possession: vetivier. Bursts of citrus, bergamont and pepper are brought to life by verbena’s green, anise-like sweetness and nutty undertones. As sultry as the volcanic earth it was conceived from, this fragrance’s smoky mineral notes intertwine with delicate birch wood accents to culminate in a truly elegant drydown.

The Bentley Beyond fragrance packaging and flacon call upon the expertise of the Bentley Motors’ design studio. Equally as evocative as the marque’s vehicular contours, the bottles see striking lines mirroring the Continental GT’s signature crystal-cut glass headlights seamlessly combine with intense colors and opulent details. A hand-stitched leather cap honors the interiors of the Bentley cars, while proudly flaunting the fragrance’s distinct chromatic code. To complete its alluring aesthetic, the iconic “Flying B” logo is engraved on the silver metal shoulders of the flacon.

Chris Cooke, Head of Product Design Bentley Motors, explains the inspiration behind the design: “The design of the fragrance bottle was inspired by the signature cut crystal effect headlamps of the New Bentley GT. The execution of flowing lines that surround the bottle coupled with its intricately detailed metal elements reflect the excellence in design that goes into every car.”

Beyond trends. Beyond frontiers. Beyond time…Liquid emotion. That is Bentley Beyond – The Collection.

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