Sensory Spirits | Campfire

26 Jan 2018
< 1 min read
Forget the Singapore Sling; Joe Schofield of Singapore’s The Tippling Club places the focus on scent over spirit, with four special Sensorium menu cocktails…


40ml Gin

40ml marshmallow milk

15ml burnt syrup

Toasted marshmallow, to garnish



Marshmallow milk

375ml milk

125ml lemon juice

2 vanilla beans


Burnt syrup

100g toasted barley grain

500ml of 2:1 sugar to water syrup




Marshmallow milk

Add vanilla beans and milk to pan and heat up to 70’c. When a skin starts to form on the mixture, add the lemon juice and superbag out the liquid.


Burnt syrup

Cook sous vide for 90 minuites at 56C. Superbag out the liquid.


To serve

Shake and serve in a coupette. Finish with campfire-toasted marshmallow.


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