Sea Soaring

04 Jun 2020
2 min read
Innovative, compact and easy to use, the SEABIKE is a portable water bike that propels divers, snorkelers and swimmers seamlessly through the sea.

Designed for swimming on the water surface and diving, the SEABIKE allows sea-explorers to glide through several kilometers of water using minimal effort, saving energy and air. Faster and less-intensive swimming means a wider expedition radius and more time spent appreciating the underwater delights.

The SEABIKE, which induces rapid movement through a propeller turned by low-effort pedaling, is easy to drive and requires no expert skill or physicality. Suitable for adventures of all ages, the SEABIKE can be adjusted for different heights ranging from 155-195cm.

With its compact design and lightweight frame, the SEABIKE is easy to transport and store. Suitable for both fresh- and seawater, and safety-checked under the most demanding of conditions, the SEABIKE is the perfect accompaniment for any aquatic adventure.

Easy and effortless, the SEABIKE allows divers to save up to two-thirds of the air in their cylinders by increasing the speed of swimming. For snorkelers, the SEABIKE makes surface swimming a smooth and speedy soirée. The nominal mode enables motion through the water at 3.6 km/h, and for speed-seekers, the SEABIKE can reach a maximum of 7.9 km/h – much faster than normal swimming speeds or even flipper-assisted swimming.

Paddling on the SEABIKE is the same as that on a regular bike, and the paddling efforts are transferred via a reduction gear to the propeller of the SEABIKE to move it through the water. The SEABIKE is attached to the swimmer’s body and can be steered using the handlebar or handsfree using body movements.

Constructed using naturally lightweight and buoyant materials, including the highest quality carbon fiber and titanium, the SEABIKE is easy to carry and maneuver in the water. The SEABIKE also disassembles for easy packing, and fits into a shoulder bag with a strap, making it as effortless to transport as it is to use. Its weight and packing dimensions are 1.8kg and 460 х 170 х 170 mm respectively. Convenient, fun and risk-free, the SEABIKE is the perfect way to spruce up any water activity.

SEABIKE has opened its first Seabike School in Yaroslavl, and is currently in the process of opening new schools in Russia and in other locations around the world. In 2019, SEABIKE took place in its first Cross Volga in which it swam across Europe’s longest river, the Volga River. On 25 July 2020, SEABIKE will again take part in this exciting Cross Volga event, but before then, in the first two weeks of July 2020, SEABIKE will also swim across the English Channel.

To find out more about SEABIKE and stay up to date with its upcoming events, visit their website, Instagram profile or Facebook account.