Sea Fu Dubai

27 Jan 2018
3 min read
Maxime Jacovella samples some of Dubai’s finest seafood at Sea Fu at The Four Seasons Jumeirah.

Sea Fu, The Four Seasons Jumeirah signature restaurant, symbolises Asian chic at its very best, with its beach side location making it the perfect venue for pretty much any occasion; be it a romantic one, a business lunch, or an alcohol-induced and minimalist house-infused brunch.

I recently visited Sea Fu for dinner. It was on a Tuesday, which in Dubai can only mean one thing: ladies night! Ladies night is taken very seriously out here and SEA FU have recently launched a ‘Hello Kitty’ themed evening to celebrate it. Yes, the adorable furry character born out of Japan and inspired by Sanrio is the restaurant’s current mascot and will have you longing for some “kawai”, which in Japanese means “love of cuteness”. As such, ladies can enjoy a three-course set menu with pink inspired dishes and naturally sip on some pink bubbly to the beats of the live DJ.

Being a guy though, I was automatically and genetically disqualified from being able to sample some of the ‘Hello Kitty’ inspired dishes, which in all honesty didn’t cause too much concern as I cast my eye over Chef Pierre Bustado’s mouth-watering menu. From looking at it, I immediately thought to myself that this was going to be a marathon and not a sprint. The extensive and diverse range of offering on the a la carte menu means there is something for everyone even if seafood is not your preference! Should this be your unfortunate case, don’t panic, take a deep breath and enjoy some Wagyu Beef Rolls for starters and perhaps the roasted and hearty wagyu “côte de boeuf” for two thereafter!

Seafood, for me, is something I have a particular affinity with and usually associate it with special occasions such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve. In my book, nothing beats the exquisite simplicity of half a dozen Fine de Claire oysters, with nothing more than a sprinkling of fresh lemon juice dashed on top and some freshly baked sourdough bread with lightly salted butter to go with, and of course paired with a crisp Puligny Montrachet or Chablis.

Following my iodine fuelled appetiser, I choose to go for a selection of the smoked salmon rolls with grated black truffle on top and served with a comte cheese, asparagus and black truffle dressing. The perfect secondary act to my evening show, with the truffle adding distinctive flavours and tones; an imaginative twist to a classic Asian dish.

For the mains, we honour the house chef by going for his signature dishes and in-house creations whom are highly recommended by our kind waitress. As part of this we opt for the Forbidden Rice, Steamed Lobster and the Seared Black Cod, which of course is my absolute favourite. I am literally still salivating at the thought of having this and would 100% recommend it.

Dessert was the beautifully presented and architecturally sound ‘Lotus Flower’. Now, describing this phenomenal dish with words would truly not do it justice but I will give it my best shot. We are brought what appears to be like a globe-like creation, sectioned in quarters, similar to that of an orange but hollow. Following which, our waiter pours an insanely dense, hot and dark chocolate sauce on top, something akin to lava furiously flowing down the side of a volcano. The desired effect of the melted hot chocolate is to split the spherical structure open unveiling a home-made mango sorbet at its heart, whose refreshing and tangy tones set out to cut through and dissipate the richness of the puddle of chocolate now sitting on the plate. Artsy, indulgent and awfully tasty. Maybe a tad naughty too!


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