Savoring the Outdoors

17 Jul 2020
3 min read
Bringing high quality outdoor kitchens to your patios and terraces, Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle makes cooking outside pure joy. Made using the best-in-class materials and featuring elegant designs and stylish finishes, these kitchens are the perfect accent to any any outdoor space. FOUR speaks with Raphael Coray to find out more…   

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Tell us a little bit about Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle   – when, how and why was it founded?

The idea with the outdoor kitchens came about more by chance. My dear wife Isabelle gave me a grill as a gift. Our first outdoor kitchen was built around this grill. It soon became clear that this would be my passion. In 2014 the brand “Prime-Two” was founded.

Can you briefly describe the brand’s ethos and tell us more about the products it offers?

We only build outdoor kitchens which I would put in my own garden. This principle places extremely high demands on quality, design and functionality.

What are the key design elements of the luxury outdoor kitchens, and how are these incorporated into the overall design?

Our kitchens are characterised by clear lines and cubic shapes. We try to make the impossible possible and fulfill every wish of the customer. Through the interplay of materials, colouring and light effects we create beautiful functional design elements that enhance any outdoor area.

Tell us about the differences between the P Design and the P Frame, their individual advantages and for which settings they are both best suited?

Our kitchen designs have grown and we are constantly evolving. P-Frame is characterised by the visible stainless steel frame and reflects a rather conservative design. With P-Design, there are no limits to what we can achieve. As long as it is physically feasible, everything can be realised.

The materials used to create the products are premium – can you give us details on these materials and why these have been selected?

As with our clear lines in design, we also have a clear line in the choice of materials. As a matter of principle, we only use high quality materials that can withstand environmental influences for decades. The customer can have his outdoor kitchen materialised and coloured according to his ideas. In addition to ceramic materials, we use stainless steel, glass materials and selected types of wood.

How do you balance off style versus functionality and ease-of-use when designing a kitchen and how do you ensure the optimum of all of these features?

Each project is worked out together with the customer and designed exactly according to his wishes. Our kitchens are always designed from scratch on 3D CAD. The designer, who himself comes from the mechanical engineering sector, knows how to integrate the optimum functionality into our designs.

If not already mentioned, is there any state-of-the-art technology or specialised equipment/appliances that are included in these outdoor kitchens?

Absolutely. We are increasingly working with electric drives. Retractable TV’s or a retractable bar are just some of the dynamic aspects that distinguish us. Of course, the market is also constantly being checked for new innovative built-in appliances.

Outdoor environments can be harsh – how are Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle’s products able to withstand these conditions and maintain their quality?

Prime Two outdoor kitchens consist exclusively of weather and UV resistant materials. Our kitchen frames are made of a high quality aluminium alloy. The fronts made of stainless steel, ceramics or wood withstand all environmental influences thanks to targeted finishing.

Is there customization available for the kitchens, and if so, how can they be tailored to clients’ preferences?

We only build according to customer requirements, Prime Two does not offer system solutions. Every kitchen should be individual and unique.

In your opinion, what makes the outdoor cooking experience so special and how does Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle magnify this?

Staying outside is fun and healthy. The outdoor cooking experience can be enjoyed together with the whole family or with friends. Prime Two only helps with the preparation of the meals by using our experience to support the customer in planning and realizing his dream outdoor kitchen.

What is your favorite Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle product and why?

Like I said. I’ll never build anything I wouldn’t put in my garden. I love all our products.

What’s next for Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle? Any new products or exciting events on the horizon?

At the beginning of next year we will launch our first own grill. Be excited…


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