After more than 10 years as Executive Chef of Hangar-7, more than 120 guest chefs, thousands of dishes and courses, as well as hundreds of take-offs and landings, it is time for me to say goodbye and hand over my responsibilities to my long-time head chef Martin Klein.

I remember exactly what I felt on my first day at Hangar-7 as if it were yesterday: a mixture of pride and respect.

Proud to be given the chance to execute a unique culinary concept in such incredible surroundings. Respectful of the fact that there was no model for this type of restaurant and no instructions for the task I was taking on. Respectful also of the challenge of setting our own standards for the job ahead of us.

To this day, I am honored to call Eckart Witzigmann my mentor and to consider him a good friend. He was the one who chose me for this unique position and I will always cherish his trust in me.

I owe Dietrich Mateschitz my heartfelt gratitude and respect for his unconditional support in letting me fulfill his vision of Ikarus, giving it energy and life. Many people have ideas and visions but only a few have the determination and persistence to make them a reality.

I have to thank Dietrich Mateschitz and his vision for allowing me the opportunity to take a unique, in-depth look into the kitchens of the world’s most impressive chefs. I also have to thank these great chefs for giving me a front-row seat to experience their craft and creativity.

Month after month, year after year, their help, support, dishes, recipes and ingredients have created a priceless masterpiece. Something truly invaluable, yet I count it as nothing compared to the many close friendships I have made around the world.

Let me take this opportunity to also thank our loyal guests. Without them, we would have never got our concept off the ground.

Last but not least, truly nothing would have been possible without the best, most hardworking team at Hangar-7. I will miss them all and I am sure Martin Klein will appreciate their professionalism as much as I have.

With the utmost confidence that the Ikarus guest chef concept at Hangar-7 is an outstanding success, I look forward to the new adventures ahead of me.

I hope I am lucky enough to work with such a talented team again in the future. May our paths cross again someday…


Roland Trettl

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