Restaurant hopping through Northern Germany

13 Jan 2015
2 min read
The limousine trip went down a treat with 40 young gourmands as three restaurants in Northern Germany prepared a culinary feast.

It’s the ultimate present for a birthday, graduation, engagement or even a wedding party: the Tour de Gourmet Jeunesse in Northern Germany. The “restaurant hopping” has been part of the traditional Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival for eight years. Fourty young foodies between the ages of 18 and 35 joined the drive in 15 Audi VIP-cars through the countryside between the North and Baltic Sea, while dining in three exclusive restaurants. The route is changing every year between the 15 member houses of the host cooperation Gastliches Wikingland e.V.

The tour presents itself as a networking opportunity for young professionals, as well as an opportunity to experience a new sensation of taste, getting in touch with the fine art of cooking or simply having an enjoyable day with lots of new people.

On 11 January, the tour went from Schleswig to St. Peter-Ording via Friedrichstadt. The guests were welcomed with a glass of Lanson champagne and a pheasant praline made by chef Matthias Baltz in the beautiful little castle Schleswig. This was followed by an Open monkfish lasagne with black truffle. Afterwards, the 15 waiting Audi A8 limousines headed to Friedrichstadt.

The next course, by chef Kai Ehmke, was Salmon pike roulade with vanilla purée. The guests were entertained by stories about the historic significance of the area, and gradually came to know each other.

Despite the stormy weather the chauffeurs arrived on time in St. Peter-Ording at the Northern Sea. Karin Brockmeier, director of the Ambassador Hotel & Spa, and her team already set the tables at restaurant Sandperle, overlooking the stormy sea. Maítre de Cuisine Nils Kramer created regional delicacies from salt marsh lamb as well as a dessert made of pear, chocolate and almond ice cream.

A delicious end for an inspiring culinary day in the very north of Germany.

Images © Susanne Plaß