Sardinia Yoga, opening their doors on the 5thof May

Summer is a joyous season, which brings glorious sunshine, fabulous fashion and delectable delights! It’s heating up and what is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, is that tantalising, exotic summer escape!

Instead of the same, safe holiday though why not shake things up a bit? Sardinia Yoga is the perfect destination for a summer holiday as it is set on the beautiful Sardinian coast, with turquoise sea and white sandy beaches to rival the Tropics. Does this sound like your average, familiar holiday? Maybe, but what makes Sardinia Yoga so special is that it is a yoga retreat! With expert yoga teachers and endless activities, this truly is the holiday of a lifetime.

Sardinia Yoga begins its summer season opening its doors on the 5thof May 2012 through till the 30thof June 2012 and then reopens its doors on the 1stof Septemer 2012 untill the 29thof September2012. Summer holidays are a time to relax, to lie on a beach and do nothing; however, what people do not realise is there is no better way to relax than with yoga! Yoga is the perfect way to wave goodbye to all of your worries and practising it on a private beach will leave you feeling serene and fulfilled.

Sardinia Yoga has more to offer than yoga why not broaden your horizons and explore the wonders of the sophisticated Sardinian summer? With markets, Italian lessons, wine tasting and snorkelling all waiting to be experienced, you can really make this summer one to remember.

Sardinia Yoga is by far the most serene, stunning and unique destination for your summer holiday. It is difficult to describe the exquisite luxury and beauty you will experience but to put it simply, a stay here is an opportunity that cannot be missed!To add to the anticipation of an already exciting summer, book a trip to Sardinia Yoga and give yourself something to look forward to!

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