Relais & Châteaux Celebrates World Oceans Day With Over 90 Sustainable Seafood Menus

04 Jun 2018
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Seafood, eat food. Relais & Châteaux are celebrating World Oceans Day with an exciting array of seafood menus around the world.
If you’re a seafood fan, you’re in for a luxurious treat for World Oceans Day. On 8th June, Relais & Châteaux will celebrate UN-recognised World Oceans Day for the 3rd year in a row, this year more prestigious hotel and restaurants than ever before are taking part.

In partnership with Ethic Ocean, over 90 Relais & Châteaux properties around the world will offer sustainable seafood menus in accordance with Ethic Ocean’s global product guide. .

The oceans’ fragile balance is being gradually destroyed by industrial “plundering” of the seas. Shockingly,  31% of the planet’s seafood stock is overfished and 58% is fully fished* (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, 2016).

However, by promoting ethical fishing methods, contributing to local economic development and offering seasonal menus, Relais & Châteaux aims to protect our oceans’ biodiversity and provide quality products for its guests and future generations.

Speaking about the issue, Philippe Gombert, International President said “Relais & Châteaux properties continue to protect what is most precious to their local terroir, sea life being an immense part of that. By making a firm commitment to sustainable fishing through the world of food and hospitality, they lead the future of gastronomy.”

Here is a snapshot of the edible activity taking place for World Oceans Day:

1 Zazu Restaurant, Ecuador
Sourcing sustainable seafood all along Ecuador’s coast as well as the Galápagos Islands, chef Wilson Alpala of Zazu is creating a seven-course tasting menu for World Oceans Day that showcases the region’s indigenous clams, oysters and prawns. For the main course, guests will enjoy a damsel bass, head-to-tail style. As guests eat through the courses, they’ll be transported to a different part of the country with an illustrated map on the menu.

2 Longueville Manor, UK
Over the past 25 years Executive Head Chef Andrew Baird has built up strong relationships with local Jersey fishermen who all aid him to bring the finest and freshest to the table. One of those fishermen Bob Titterington hand dives the 100,000 plus scallops used in Longueville’s kitchen each year. Chef Andrew, a qualified PADI diver himself, also catches some. As part of the menu the Jersey scallops will be served with new season asparagus and globe artichoke.

3 Maisons de Bricourt, France
On 8 June, Maisons de Bricourt will offer a six-course lunch menu of langoustines, clams, cuttlefish, spider crab, oysters and lobster sourced off the coast of Cancale and Saint-Malo in the English Channel.  Committed to sustainable seafood, Chef Olivier Roellinger works closely with local fishermen such as Tilly, Orveillon, Minihic, Arbona and ProdHomme to ensure he is preparing high quality products.

Hambleton Hall, UK
For lunch and dinner on 8th June, Michelin-starred chef Aaron Patterson will serve Atlantic mackerel caught by John Godden near Looe, Cornwall. Mackerel is commonly found throughout the UK and Ireland in the summer months, as it is a migratory shoal species. Guests will taste the sustainably sourced fish in an escabeche preparation, marinated in teriyaki and caramelised.

5 Quadrille, Poland
Serving one of Poland’s most traditional dishes on World Oceans Day, Chef Marcin Popielarz at Quadrille’s restaurant Biały Królik will offer Baltic herring served in the classic fisherman style with sour cream and apple, but reimagined for modern tastes.

6 Camp Jabulani, South Africa
Committed to sustainable fishing and preparing beautiful dishes, Camp Jabulani follows the SASSI Chart and writes a blog on how to use it. Chef Dylan Frost’s focus on seafood quality has inspired two menu options for World Oceans Day. One of the menus features a yellowtail fillet for the main course with a yellowtail soup as a starter, which utilizes the entire fish to ensure nothing goes to waste.

7 Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Sri Lanka
Chef Nandana Jayasekara will serve seafood from the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Lobster will be picked by hand from the Kirinda Sea and red mullet will be line caught and bigger than 5kg from the Gall Sea, ensuring that the fish had ample time to reproduce before harvest.

8 Saison, USA
Over the past ten years the Saison team, led by Chef Joshua Skenes, has established a close relationship with local fishermen and producers, who have a clear understanding of the standards and specific level of quality and tastes they seek. With changing oceans, finding environmentally sound sources of sea life has become part of their product ethos.

Through responsible eco-aqua culture by the Monterey Abalone Company, Saison’s guests, along with their aspiring chefs, can experience how special Red Abalone is, while taking into mind the health of the coasts and wild native abalone. Applying a zero-waste policy to his sustainably sourced Monterey Bay abalone, Chef Skenes will grill and serve the tender mollusk with a sauce of its liver.

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