Reaching for the Stars with Zenith Watches

28 Dec 2021
2 min read

Zenith has been shaping the future of Swiss watchmaking since 1865. Using its own in-house developed and manufactured movements across all of its watches, Zenith encourages wearers to challenge themselves, break barriers and pursue their dreams against all odds. Something which the brand has been doing for over a century.

Upon its establishment in 1865, Zenith became the world’s first watch manufacturer in the modern sense of the term. Since then, its watches have accompanied extraordinary figures that dreamt big and strived to achieve the impossible – from Louis Blériot’s history-making flight across the English Channel to Felix Baumgartner’s record-setting stratospheric free-fall jump. All of these historic events took place with a Zenith watch on hand.

But it’s not only Zenith’s wearers who have achieved greatness over the last 150 years. Zenith has itself been lauded with myriad accolades, including winning its latest award: the Chronograph Prize at Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) 2021 for the Zenith Chronomaster Sport.

Zenith’s history with impressive chronographs extends all the way back to 1969 when the brand created the El Primero, the world’s first automatic chronograph calibre. From here on out, Zenith continued to master the complication with even more precision, achieving measurements to the closest 1/10th of a second in the most recent Chronomaster lines, and 1/100th of a second in the DEFY collection. So coming out on top at this year’s GPHG – the world of watchmaking’s most prestigious annual award ceremony – comes as no surprise.

Chronographs of the Highest Class

Distinguished by the prudent GPHG jury as the winner of the “Chronograph” category, the Zenith Chronomaster Sport represents the latest chapter in Zenith’s longstanding legacy of exceptional chronographs. Zenith’s Chronomaster line has been one of the most emblematic chronograph collections of the 21st century; steeped in Zenith’s tradition of making exceptional, standard-setting automatic chronographs. Pushing the boundaries of high-frequency precision, the Chronomaster Sport is the culmination point in Zenith’s unequalled legacy of automatic chronographs. Crafted in a sleek and robust steel case measuring 41 mm wide with pump-style pushers, the polished black ceramic bezel sets the new Chronomaster Sport apart from its predecessors. Graduated over 10 seconds, the bezel’s bold contrast offers exceptional legibility on the periphery of the dial.

Inspired by the El Primero, Zenith has continued to innovate and push boundaries over the years. The result of working and perfecting the brand’s original chronograph for over half a century, the Chronomaster Sport line is equipped with the newest version of the legendary calibre, the El Primero 3600. Boasting an impressively high frequency of 5Hz, the movement is able to precisely measure up to 1/10th of a second. Not only is it easily readable, but is displayed directly on the bezel as well as the on the dial. In further performance advancements, the watch’s autonomy has also been rendered more efficient, with an extended power reserve of up 60 hours. It’s not only a piece of exceptional technological craftmanship, though, it’s also a true aesthetic sensation. The striking new architecture is visible through the sapphire display back, revealing a blue column wheel and open rotor marked with the five-pointed star Zenith. The overall design is dynamic and sporty, elevating El Primero’s legacy into a new echelon of modern excellence.

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