Queen of Mixology with Clotilde Lataille

31 Dec 2015
3 min read
Clotilde has been identified on Martell’s France 300 list, following a global search led by Martell and French magazine L’Officiel to identify the 300 most influential French talents across gastronomy, art, fashion, mixology and entertainment who epitomise French Art de Vivre in the 21st Century…

Born in France,Clotildehas livedin London for four and a half years pursuing a career as an artist. A little over two years ago,Clotildediscovered another passion as a mixologist, a profession which she learned entirely on the job, making brilliant use of her creativity and infiltrating her French Art de Vivre into her work in London. Having won a number of competitions, she has worked in several prestigious bars in London and in Paris. More recently,Clotildecan be found behind the bar at Hawksmoor Spitalfields, pushing the boundaries within the art of cocktail making. She brings to life her favourite French classics with unique and innovative twists.

The France 300 project isa venture designed to replicate the desires of Louis XIV 300 years ago – when he gathered the nation’s most celebrated artists and culturally exciting figures at the court of Versailles. 300 years later – in 2015 – Martell celebrates this heritage by identifying today’s equivalents.

Where were you born and where did you grown up?

I was born in Verdun, in Lorraine, France.I grew up in few different cities in France. I lived in the North, East, South and West of France. I belong to the all of the country.

How did you get into your line of work? Was there a particular moment where things just clicked into place or that you realised the direction you wanted to take?

I’ve always been creative. I’m originally an artist – I studied art with a passion for cooking and baking. I started to bake I was 5.Then when I made a move to London 5 years ago, I discovered the cocktailculture, and I was amazed by bartenders. So I got a job as Callooh Callay andlearned everything there. Creating a drink is very similar for me to creating a painting. I also have the opportunity to link the two, which is rare and exciting.

Which experience epitomising French Art de Vivre in your adopted country and/or city would you recommend?

For me, a market is something that epitomises French Art de Vivre. Spend a week in London and stroll through its many markets: Portobello Road to make you think you’re at a French flea market, Borough Market to savour world cuisines and buy its fresh, seasonal fruitand vegetables, Old Spitalfields Market which changes every day, not forgetting Broadway Market – where I live – on Saturday morning and, finally, Colombia Road flower market on Sunday morning.

What can guests expect when they come to one of your events?

Guests can expect a live experience, and- hopefully – have a great time.

What future events and collaborations do you have lined-up that wecan look forward to?

Nothing I can really tell yet… travelling and collaborations are going to be involved. I’m currently working on an exciting project with Martell Cognac.

In terms of mixology what is hot on your radar at the moment?

Sustainability, apéritifs, low abv.

Could you suggest FOUR top cocktail recommendations?

Quality and good company. The best advice I can give you is that simplicity is always a winner.

What are your most indispensable ingredients?

Vermouth in general, I love them.

What is your favourite tipple?

Salted caramel and Martellcordon bleu straight up, un délice! And one of my favourite cocktails is Cognac based which I created at home for Martell’s 300 year anniversary dinner. It’s called the Can-Can 300 and is made with Martell Cordon bleu, Byrrh and IPA syrup. I’m very proud as it’s now on the menu at Club Gascon until the end of the year.

Find out more about Clotilde here and the Martell 300 project here…