Queen of Mixology | Sian Ferguson

18 Jan 2015
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Winner of the SLTN Mixologist of the Year award, Sian is the mixologist at Heads and Tales in Edinburgh.

I’d wake up to

…be somewhere on holiday with my fiancée, Jody. Somewhere hot. A beautiful sunnyday with a breakfast in bed of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

I’d drink and eat

…roast dinners and gin! I’d have a bottle of gin close by (something tasty like RockRose please) at all times and nothing beats a roast dinner

I’d prioritize

…Friends and family time, something we don’t get enough of in this industry.I’d make sure every knows about… Our wee bar Heads and Tales. Edinburgh’s best kept secret!

The national drink would be

…A gin fizz. Perfect any time of day.

My Royal Palace would be

…Fasque House in Fettercairn. We’re getting married there in April and itis stunning!

My people would have to

…Throw a big party so that all of my friends and family can come andenjoy themselves.

I’d bring back

…FRIENDS. Still funny after all this time.

I would travel

…back to NYC (where we got engaged). Great bars, great food and excellent shops.

I would knight…

Ben Elton, I love his writing.