Queen of Mixology | Aasha Sinha

11 Mar 2015
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What would mixologist Aasha Sinha—from Sydney boutique design hotel QT—do with the world if she were the Queen of Mixology for a day?

I would wake up to…

The smooth tunes of Al Green, before heading down to QT Sydney’s Gowings Bar and Grill to enjoy the Eggs Rockefella and an Aperol Spritz.

I’d eat and drink…

Dom Ruinart and Tasmanian pacific oysters straight from my Granddad’s farm.

I’d prioritise…

Love and happiness over fame and fortune.

I’d make sure every knows about…

Jimmy Irvine’s Painkiller.

I’d make…the national drink.

The M&H version of a London Calling.Dry gin and manzanilla sherry, balanced with lemon, sugar and orange bitters. Finished with a pink grapefruit twist. Although it was created in London, like most ex-pats, it’s just a little better here.

My Royal Palace would be…

The top floor of the Chrysler building sipping and Gin and Juice, listening to Gin and Juice.

My people would have to…

ELE – Everybody love everybody

I would bring back…

Ada Coleman. The thought of sitting at the American Bar, drinking a Hanky Panky and sharing in some banter, would be amazing. It would be great to know how it felt to be the first female head bartender at the Savoy, and to know if there were any struggles being so successful in a male predominate industry, especially at the turn of the century.

I would travel…

To Tokyo, Japan. I would love to visit Harajuku station, eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro and, of course, have my very own Lost in Translation experience, making sure that every time is a Suntory (or Nikka 15) time.

I would knight…

Gregor de Gruyther for his contribution to the industry all over the world and always doing it in style. The gentleman that brought us the Nuclear Daiquiri, deserved to be knighted.


49 Market Street

Sydney NSW 2000