Purity on Tap

29 Apr 2020
2 min read
Sustainability and healthy living have never been so important, and with the new Franke Clear Water Capsule System, you can have access to the highest quality water straight from your own home.

Water is an essential part of our health and our daily lives, and so, having access to the highest quality water is imperative. Kitchen solution experts Franke know this, and have created an easy-to-use, exceptionally effective and aesthetically superior water filter with patented filter technology that is able to clean larger quantities of water faster and more reliably than ever before.

Developed in Switzerland and based on nature’s most efficient principles, the advanced Franke Clear Water Capsule System is not only the world’s best filter system of its kind, but is also the world’s most discreet. Delivering the finest water you have ever tasted straight from your kitchen tap, the system combines activated carbon with a high-tech membrane to transform up to 500 liters of tap water into pure refreshment.

The innovative triple filter process removes more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, along with rust and sediments, pesticides, hormones, chlorine and microplastics. The one-way filter ensures that filtered and unfiltered water never cross paths, providing unlimited access to the cleanest of water – our body’s number one need. Residual tastes and odors are removed from the water too, while all beneficial minerals are retained making it safe and suitable for drinking. With embedded anti-microbial properties, the filter is also self-disinfecting, giving you pure drinking bliss with better tasting, healthier water at your fingertips.

Convenience is key, and so the system requires no specialists to install or maintain – it is set-up like any standard tap. Simply purchase the system from a Franke dealer and enjoy first-class drinking water day in and day out. Operated by turning a dedicated control lever on your tap, the 7cm by 3cm system will dispense up to 500 liters of filtered water before a discreet LED light indicates that the filter needs to be changed. An easy process, the capsule housing is effortlessly twisted open and a new filter (ordered online) is simply placed inside. No space-hogging under-the-sink systems here, just stylish and seamless health and happiness.

State-of-the-art design must, of course, match state-of-the art technology, and thus the Vital taps with the Franke Clear Water Capsule System boast an elegant semblance that bring sophisticated style to your kitchen. Available in a range of designs and colors, the Vital Capsule filter taps can fit into any home.

The J-Spout is a classic and timeless design that rotates 360° for maximum freedom and flexibility. The pull-out Semi-Pro provides optimum convenience and professional ergonomy with its pull-out spray and 360° rotation. The dedicated L-shaped compact filter tap is minimalist with its graceful and fully rotatable design. Metal finishes are all the vogue, and the models come in a selection of two tactile combinations:  chrome with a gunmetal finish housing or matte black with a steel finish housing.

Setting a new standard for filtered drinking water, the Franke Clear Water Capsule System is a must-have in the modern home for the health conscious.

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