Pure Diamond Vodka

15 Dec 2017
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Rocco Tolomeo, bar manager of the Jahreszeiten Bar at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich, shows you the joy of straight Diamond Ice Noble Vodka…Enjoy!

The fact is that Diamond Ice is special, not only because of its four-stage distillation process, but also for the use of artesian water from Siberia, a groundwater originating from high-pressure underground impermeable rock basins. Found under the soil of the taiga valleys of Siberia, the purity of the water makes the vodka rich in oxygen and minerals, with an almost-neutral pH level.

In order to emphasise the taste experience, Tolomeo serves Diamond Ice in its pure form accompanied by a gherkin and dried tomato, in order to simultaneously stimulate and soothe taste buds.

“In general, bar snacks are often used incorrectly – in most cases, the nibbles disturb or break the drink’s taste. Therefore, I have proceeded to serve snack pairings according to the appropriate properties. My guests love it,” says Tolomeo.


Pure Diamond Vodka

Serve neat with a dash of gherkin vinegar and a sun-dried tomato.



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