Sebastian Wussler and Miles Watson are the pioneering minds behind Pure Berlin; a revolutionary campaign to raise the profile of German cuisine around the world. Using Berlin as the epicentre of German culinary invention, Pure Berlin believe that there is a large misconception of German food throughout the world. Their concept of innovative German cuisine is being presented to willing participants on their World Tour and the duo will be at the helm of a new restaurant concept in Berlin, Studio 21, when they have completed their global food mission. They will also be using their experiences on the road as inspiration for the menu Studio 21.

Pure Berlin’s tour consists of 12 cities across three continents, including Chicago, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London and Singapore. At each stop they demonstrate an 11-course tasting menu in a top restaurant. The tour started in Helsinki in February 2012 and more recently held house in Singapore, from October 17 – 19. This event took the finest German ingredients and blended them with Singaporean dishes, and vice versa. Three dinners were held at Janice Wong’s 2am Lab, each one hosting 20 diners.

The tasting menu from Singapore comprised:

Snacks – QR

Black sesame – vegetable chips


Prawn – laksa – hot & cold

Century senf egg

Nest – duck – mustard

The krauts

Rotkohl – kimchee – cabbage

Summer BBQ

Squid – octopus – tiger beer

Hot pot

Frog – pepper – broth

Black vinegar pork

Belly – potato – kailan


Water chestnuts – passion fruit – coconut


Chocolate – dragon fruit – jackfruit

Petit four

Soy – calamansi

All the dinner events are rounded off with a helping of classical German schnapps, which is distilled at Sebastian’s family distillery in the Black Forest. This is a great signifier of Pure Berlin’s ethos; to promote great traditional German produce to a new audience around the world.

Studio 21 will seek to turn traditional dining on its head. The soon to open restaurant is no ordinary dining experience and will consist of one solitary table and 20 chairs. The idea behind this is to create a theatrical and immersive dining experience, reconnecting diners with food. The dining experience will be stripped to the core with all of the emphasised focused on the food, with one Beta-Test menu served at the Berlin restaurant.

The overall goal of Pure Berlin is ‘to surprise the guests from different cultures with new creations, to arouse interest in a young Germany, to document their experiences and share the impressions with the world. Through media and social networks, fans can also be integral parts of the adventure’.

Next stop on the Pure Berlin culinary tour is Moscow. Details are to be confirmed.