“Hearing Germany, everybody thinks about cars – We would like the German kitchen to come into the limelight.” Sebastian Wussler

The team of Pure Berlin, Sebastian Wussler and Miles Watson, is about to change the German plain cooking to a more innovative and creative style and gets started with their project “Studio 21” which is opening soon. They are in the middle of travelling around the world to experience every food variation possible and to collect ideas for dishes which will be included in their cooking at “Studio 21”.

The world tour serves to present their philosophy prior to the “Studio 21” opening, especially in foreign countries. On their stops, Sebastian and Miles are invited to join the best and most innovative Restaurants and introduce their concept. All these host chefs will again be invited to come to Germany and present their cooking at “Studio 21”.

Next event: 18th – 20th October 2am:lab with Janice Wong, Singapore