Peruvian Cuisine | Love At First Taste

16 Dec 2017
2 min read
A fusion of cultures, ingredients and techniques handed down from generation to generation make Peruvian cuisine one of the most delicious and diverse fusion foods in the world.

Fresh ingredients, exciting flavours and vibrant colours make Peruvian dishes hard to forget. Peru is an inexhaustible pantry full to the brim with exotic fruits from the Amazon rainforest, rich Andean grains, and exceptional fish, seafood and vegetables from the Coastal valleys along the Pacific Ocean. That is why Peru is known as the super food territory.

In recent years Peru has become a gastronomic epicenter for fusion cuisine. Its talented chefs have taken its cuisine to great heights: for six consecutive years Peru has won World´s Leading Culinary Destination at the World Travel Awards and it is recognized as the home of three of the Fifty Best Restaurants in the world: Central, Astrid & Gastón, and Maido.

Its capital city Lima, the Gastronomic Capital of America, offers exquisite dishes to visitors of all budgets. Lima brings together all the regional cuisines of Peru, from the traditional to the highly selective author´s cuisine. Most definitely, love at first taste.

Here are some suggestions of Peruvian specialties you can’t miss:

  • Cebiche: the national dish, it is served with raw fish marinated in citrus juice. Red onion, chili pepper, sweet potato and corn are also part of this gastronomic adventure.
  • Anticucho: beef skewers traditionally prepared with cow’s heart. It´s a popular street food, these skewers are marinated in a garlic, cumin and olive oil. A flavour that you´ll never forget. 
  • Lomo saltado: pieces of meat sauteed with onion, tomato and soy sauce. It will surely make your mouth water!
  • Stuffed rocoto: spicy rocotos are hot red peppers baked and stuffed with a mixture of ground meat and raisins, covered with oven-grated cheese.
  • Pisco: the flagship beverage of Peru. It is a grape distilled spirit with seductive aroma and captivating taste.

But Peruvian cuisine is not only about food. It involves heartfelt emotions and deep ancestral feelings. Behind the recipes and cooking techniques, there are roots that spread back in time to the Incas and even further back. It is an amazing cultural fusion and a seductive proposal that will make you fall in love from the first bite.



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