Peru | The planet’s super pantry

03 Jan 2018
2 min read
As we leave behind the indulgences of Christmas for a healthier 2018, FOUR looks to Peru to provide your diet with some of the world’s most prized super foods.

Thousands of years ago, the fusion of fertile soil and Andean wisdom produced a special harvest in Peru.These products, born out of a combination of biodiversity and exceptional ancient ingenuity, are part of what today is known as the superfood family: natural, healthy and nutritious.

Superfoods have large quantities of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. They are ideal to enhance a healthy diet and proof that eating can be synonymous with well-being.


Peru offers the world some of the best super foods that exist on the planet:


A root with amazing properties. It has high concentrations of calcium, phosphorus and the necessary minerals for proper bone development. lt is a source of selenium, magnesium and helps to stabilise and control blood pressure. It is also a natural revitalizer, boosting energy and improving resistance.



An Andean grain of exceptional nutritional value with high content of proteins and minerals. It is vital for preventing osteoporosis, reducing the effects of menopause, healing wounds, regenerating intestinal flora, and reinforcing the immune system, this is one of the reasons why NASA has considered it as the most adequate food to guarantee the nutrition of astronauts in isolated conditions.


Camu Camu

A fruit with very high vitamin C content , even higher than in citrus fruits with high concentrations of ascorbic acid such as oranges and lemons. It strengthens the immune system, nourishes the skin and eyes, and also regulates depression or anxiety in patients with mood related problems.



A herb with high amounts of calcium and phosphorus, it is frequently used to prevent osteoporosis and to cure rheumatic pain, fractures, luxations and wounds. It also has carminative and digestive properties and it is great to prevent altitude sickness “soroche”.



A powerful antioxidant, with high content of vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, iron and phosphorus, perfect for strengthening the immune system and delaying cellular aging. It is a tast fruit, ideal for treating asthmatic conditions, sinusitis, and other allergies.


Peru, the world´s superfood territory, is a land blessed by the “Pachamama”or “Inca Mother Earth” with one of the most diverse ecosystems in the planet. The incredible foods grown here make Peru an inexhaustible larder of fruits, grains and vegetables that satisfy the palate and also feed the soul.


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