18 Feb 2016
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With cocktails that showcase a number of traditional Chinese ingredients, Hutong never fails to deliver. Try their Penicillin cocktail to really get the weekend started…
Hutong’s Penicillin

Glass | Stacking glass

Garnish |Physalis leaves and icing sugar


40ml Hennessey infused with Goji berries

20ml Bulleit

5ml Laphroaig

20ml Lemon juice

20ml Honey

3 small pieces of galangal muddled

1 Physalis muddled

Vanilla perfume

In the bar the drink is sprayed with ahome-made vanilla perfume, the recipe is below, it can be made without.

30ml Vanilla syrup

50ml water

Decant into a spray bottle


Shake and double strain in a tall glass (We use a special stacking glass in the bar, and served with dry ice for a touch of theatrical effect). Garnish with Physalis leaves (the one you use in the drink) with icing sugar on top of the glass. Spray with vanilla perfume. (optional)


31 St Thomas St



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