Pearls of Perfection

21 Dec 2021
5 min read
A unique and beautiful natural product, DeVerpoucke´s rose-hued citron caviar hails from the finger lime fruit. A sought-after delicacy by chefs and gourmets the world over, these pearls burst with a refreshing citrus flavour, exciting the palate and enhancing every – and any – dish. FOUR speaks with founder Catia Verpoucke to find out more…

Can you give us a brief overview and history of DeVerpoucke´s?

DeVerpoucke´s (DVK) was established in 2018 by me, Catia Verpoucke. I was the first citron caviar producer to exclusively develop citron caviar with edible gold presented in a luxury marble box with 19.2k gold. In doing so, DVK successfully created a zero-waste concept.

DeVerpoucke´s is a Belgian luxury gourmet manufacturer that invested in the sunny region of Portugal-Alentejo. DVK has an eye for detail, a high level of quality and professionalism through the entire manufacturing process, together with a love for craftsmanship and gourmet culture.

DeVerpoucke´s is not only a high-end gourmet product; it´s an ultra-premium sustainable luxury brand that aims to share its success with customers. DVK is a social and environmentally responsible brand that, thanks to our customers, can contribute to a better and healthier world.

Since 2018, the product has been under delicate development to target the exclusive, top high-end luxury market. After four years of patience and care, we can launch in January 2022 with a limited edition, supported by FOUR Magazine. Orders can be booked from January 2022.

What are the core philosophies of the brand, and what is its mission?

The DVK mission: “The ultimate rainbow of exclusive luxury tastes and sensations, defining gourmet and glamour for the finest and healthy moments.”

The DVK vision: an exclusive and timeless gourmet experience with glamour and quality.

The DKV philosophy lies on the following pillars: quality, refinement, glamour, exclusivity, craftsmanship, creativity, authenticity and success with ethics. DVK aims to be one of the most valuable gourmet luxury brands in the world. With this in mind, DVK develops unique, personalised, ultra-premium and sustainable luxury gourmet citron caviar products for our most exclusive customers.

The creativity of our artisans, our knowledge of technology, our sense of innovation, our eye for detail, our high level of quality and professionalism, and our love for craftsmanship and gourmet experiences makes it possible for DVK to deliver the best citron caviar rose with edible gold. At the same time, DVK reconnects people’s values for a better world. DVK customers support social and environmental causes with every order they make.

Where does your passion for the product stem from?

It was love at first sight. In business, like in other areas of life, you need to be truly in love because, during the journey, we know that patience, dedication, passion, and care are the true values that will make it thrive through the years. I fell in love with citron caviar when reading technical literature. When I saw the beautiful pearls popping out of the fruit with their beautiful colours and round shapes, I was immediately excited and stunned. It is a glamorous and rare stylish fruit while offering – at the same time – healthy superfood characteristics.

I passed this passion on to the farmers and the artisans that work with DVK. Every early morning, before the sun comes up, every tree is visited one by one and observed carefully like a piece of art. The excellent smell, taste and healthy growth inspire us to continue the high standard of quality with passion.

Due to the glamour of this fruit, DVK also added glamour to the packaging offering a uniquely exclusive product targeting the top-segment market. This is complementary with other passions that I have for art, style, healthy gourmet food, and glamour. All come together in DVK Citron Caviar.

Because Vila Viçosa, in Alentejo, is one of the regions where the exclusive pink marble (one of the rarest marbles in the world) is found, DVK decided to add even more glamour to the product by adding edible gold and developing a handmade marble box with 19.2 k gold to contain the citron caviar fruit.

How did you get into this business, and what is the most rewarding part?

The citron caviar brought me into the gourmet business. I was seduced by its taste, smell, glamour and superfood reputation. As with everything I do, I like to have the best standards, and with this product, I saw the opportunity to enter the ultra-premium luxury gourmet market. DVK aims to be the top brand in the gourmet business, as Hermes, Channel and Bvlgari, for instance, are for the fashion business.

The most rewarding part is seeing the clients trusting our brand and acquiring our product, knowing that it is specifically made for them with exclusivity, care, originality, and quality. We want to include our customers in the glamour of this success story. Not to be underestimated is that I can give back to society through the business by being involved in social and environmental causes.

What are some of the difficulties you face in this industry, and how do you overcome them?

I am conscious of the difficulty of entering the ultra-premium luxury market. However, I never have been afraid of hard work and dedication. I believe that with persistence, discipline, ethics, quality, and the right values, I can achieve our goals. DVK is not focused on the image; it focuses on the product, serving our ultra-premium luxury customers the best quality.

Can you give details on the product and how it is sourced and prepared?

Every early morning, before the sun comes up, every tree is visited one by one, and each citron caviar fruit is observed carefully like a piece of art. Every citron caviar is also inspected prior to collection in order to check for colour, shape and minor imperfections as we want to deliver the perfect fruit. The aroma of the citron caviar predicts the fine taste with multiple senses.

DVK has been awarded an International Certification of Quality since 2019. DVK collects the citron caviar fruit from August to November. Consequently, the limited exclusive marble and gold boxes containing 125g of fresh Citron Caviar Rose are ready to be shipped only from August to November. DVK does not deliver frozen products; it only delivers whole fresh citron caviar.

The collection is done one by one by hand; each fresh fruit collected goes through a detailed visual inspection to meet the best quality standards. Afterwards, the citron caviar fruit is cleaned manually according to rigorous procedures. In parallel, the exclusive handmade pink marble and 19.2 k gold box is also visually inspected and handcrafted with a gold medal with the customer’s name. The whole fresh citron caviar fruit is then put in a vacuum with edible gold and placed inside the box. Finally, it is shipped according to the best standards to preserve the product so that it arrives fresh at its destination.

Every uniquely crafted, personalised package is designed to be used during the citron caviar tasting experience. Driving to a zero-waste concept, after the tasting experience, the box can be valued as a decoration item or reused to serve drinks and food. The customer can be at a party and use the base of the box to serve dishes with his/her name engraved in a gold medal, and the lid of the box can serve as the base to put the drink on, also engraved with his/her name in a gold 19.2k medal.

The production happens for only three months per year. DVK follows organic and biological practices and applies the latest knowledge in order to produce this high-quality, sustainable superfood. The citron caviar doesn´t contain colourants, preservatives or chemical additives and is free of allergens. All in all, DVK combines old traditions with cutting edge technology to create the finest certified and sustainable citron caviar.

Customers are put on a waiting list if they wish to receive one of the exclusive 50 boxes of DVK produced per year. Once the citron caviar is ready, it is shipped directly from the tree to the customer’s table. The purchaser is then ready to explore the unique DVK Citron Caviar Rose Collection. When DeVerpoucke´s Citron Caviar arrives, the customer´s journey starts – travelling in a rainbow of tastes and enjoying unique moments with their loved ones.

What are some of the key elements that set your citron caviar apart?

The key elements are luxury, exclusivity, rarity (50 boxes per year, meaning fifty opportunities per year for our customers), glamour, patience, precision, quality, innovation and a rainbow of tastes. Our scientific department has chosen the citron caviar with the best characteristics amongst the 75 varieties available in nature. This specific citron caviar rose is a superfood due to its unique nutritional value with high fibre content.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy your citron caviar, and any tips on its best pairings?

DeVerpoucke´s are proud to satisfy the customers with a new rainbow of tastes that can combine with plenty of fine dishes. It can then be served with seafood dishes, champagne, cocktail drinks and desserts.

The most exacting clients will live memorable and successful experiences either in business or with their loved ones. DeVerpoucke´s wants to join them in all the best finest moments.

To find out more visit DeVerpoucke’s website and Instagram profile.