Outdoor Opulence | Royal Botania

03 Jul 2020
5 min read
Producers of iconic luxury outdoor furniture and lighting, Royal Botania, create exquisite alfresco spaces for discerning clientele. Using only the highest quality materials paired with top-class craftsmanship, the bespoke brand creates sleek, striking collections for patios, poolsides , gardens and homes that are both stylish and sustainable. 

“In the early 90’s, luxury and refined design were limited to indoor spaces and very rarely found outdoors. Our goal was to change that. We formed Royal Botania to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Our inspiring journey over the years has allowed us to channel our creativity and strive for excellence. The end result is a brand that indulges in comfortable, well-crafted, and superbly made outdoor furniture.  I hope you will share in our joy and celebration of all things beautiful, and welcome you to indulge in finesse,” says Kris Van Puyvelde, founder of Royal Botania.

By using mature teakwood selected for its impressive stability, renowned resistance to the elements, attractive hue, and durable structure to construct it products, Royal Botania ensures that its outdoor furniture is as strong as it is beautiful. Dedicated to sustainable business practices, the Royal Botania team continuously monitors the full traceability of each piece of wood used in the production line.

Furthermore, to assure that the company gives more back to the planet than it consumes, they founded Green Forest Plantation Co. in 2011 and created a 200-hectare teak tree plantation. Between 2011 and 2014, over 25 000 teak trees were planted here, and today, this thriving forest forms the root of Royal Botania’s mission to guarantee that future generations will too be able to harvest and appreciate teak trees as the natural treasure that they are.

From wood sourcing to final touches, each step of the furniture’s production process is completed with the utmost attention to detail. Committed to excellence at the highest level, Royal Botania opened its very own production plant in 2002 so that every aspect of production could be closely monitored. It is at this facility on the outskirts of Bangkok in Thailand that the top quality, luxury furniture that Royal Botania is known for is carefully crafted. Under the 13 000m² roof, there are over 400 employees dedicated to producing furniture worthy of the Royal Botania name. Equipped with a wide range of skills, expertise, and state-of-the-art machinery, the team produces every piece of furniture to the best possible standard.

The self-owned production facility also allows the company to have complete control over the working conditions. With a firm stance that people must feel appreciation for their work in order to be motivated and focused on their task, Royal Botania is committed to providing much more than just a safe and healthy working environment for their staff.

“Love always needs to come from both sides” is one of their guiding principles, and so, complimentary meals and free on-site housing are provided for many of their welders, weavers, grinders, technicians, quality controllers and assemblers. Medical care, free English language lessons, sport activities, and even kindergarten for the little ones are also offered to ensure everyone on the team is well cared for and has access to a good standard of living. In line with their desire to create a company they can be proud of, Royal Botania isn’t just a high-end furniture producer; it is a caring, inclusive community devoted to sustainability.

Before going to production, every Royal Botania item is extensively conceptualized and meticulously planned. Each design is based on three key elements: aesthetics, ergonomics and engineering. By blending and perfectly balancing these facets, the in-house design team, led by founder Kris Van Puyvelde, is able to create the best outdoor furniture concepts. With this unbeatable recipe, and an unwavering eye for detail, Royal Botania has earned international appreciation and won multiple design awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Good design is a language not a style” is a philosophy which the brand wholly embodies. Along with in-house designs, Royal Botania also engages the talents of carefully selected external designers in an aim to broaden their horizons and diversify their offerings. All this creativity has resulted in a wide range of well-designed products, known as the Royal Botania collection. Three of the latest additions include the Conix, Exes and Organix collections.

The Conix collection designed by Kris Van Puyvelde features a striking selection of tables with a conical concrete base. They are cast in fibre-reinforced Ductal (R) concrete with matching 160 cm round, or 320 cm elliptic table tops. The concrete surfaces are polished and treated to decrease porosity. The bases can also be combined with ceramic tops in an array of colours, textures and shapes. These tables, though very charismatic, are like chameleons with a majestic ability to perfectly match with any chair placed alongside it regardless of the style, material, pattern or colour.

The Exes collection, also designed by Kris Van Puyvelde, takes its name from the X-shaped frame of the chairs. Offering an excess of comfort and style, this design boasts fluent organic cast-aluminium lines interrupted only by the tapered teak armrests that bring warmth to the overall semblance. The seamlessly integrated, curved backrest plate has two X-shaped openings that serve not only as aesthetic features, but also as fixation points for the backrest cushion. These are attached by means of X-shaped knobs that come standard in the colour of the frame, with teak ones also offered as an option to match the armrests. These X-accents make the Exes chair even more eye-catching.

To complement the stylish chairs are two new Exes table frames. In one style, a 160cm round top is supported by a spectacular tripod design where all three legs intersect at one point about halfway between the ground and the tabletop. The other option has four legs supporting an an elliptical top of 320cm or oval tops of 220 cm or 300 cm. All these table tops come in a choice of a variety of ceramics with different colours and textures. The frames are available in black, bronze, white and sand-coated aluminium.

As an ode to nature, Kris Van Puyvelde’s Organix Lounge design uses curved lines and free-form shapes to reflect Mother Earth’s organic beauty. Inspired by nature’s shunning of straight lines, this collection blends gracefully into its surrounds, no matter if the backdrop is resonant lush greenery or contrasting minimalistic architecture. The lounge’s backrest cushions come in three different gently curved shapes and can easily be fixed to the aluminium bases as desired. As a result, the layout possibilities are endless, as are the colour combinations of the fabric and ceramic tops, allowing you to customize your Organix lounge set to your personal preferences.

There are so many stunning destinations around the world where one can enjoy the scenery while seated on fine Royal Botania furniture. From the landscaped backyards of stylish boutique hotels to the terraces of prestigious restaurants, balconies of breathtaking seaside villas and outdoor lounges on mega yachts and cruise lines, Royal Botania pieces have found their place in the most sublime venues. Spanning from the W Hotel Sentosa Cove in Singapore to the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva, the Palm Jumeriah in Dubai, the Four Seasons Hotel in Cyprus, the Ritz Carlton Polo Resort in Morocco and the Apple Headquarters in California, Royal Botania products can be found in all corners of the globe. Why not indulge a little and add a new flawless facet of finesse to your home too?

To find out more, visit Royal Botania’s website, Instagram profile or Facebook page.