One-of-a-kind Kitchens

26 Mar 2021
3 min read
Handcrafted in the Swiss Alps, each of Zbären’s kitchens are truly unique. The product of over 70 years of heritage and expertise, Zbären’s custom-made creations bring a special touch to every home. 

Zbären‘s kitchens have been designed by the family since the company’s inception in 1947. Focusing on the luxury market, they work with the world’s best brands such as La Cornue, Molteni, SubZero and Kalamazoo to create beautiful and bespoke top-class kitchens. From villas to castles and penthouses, in Paris, Gstaad or anywhere in the world, Zbären’s creations continue to set new standards in the world of kitchen design.

Zbären’s talents aren’t limited to just kitchens though, much of their impressive work can be incorporated into other aspects of the home, with distinctive designs and fittings to suit any need. From country houses with charm to functional offices, installing everything from aged wood panelling to rustic cellars, Zbären can offer stylish, tailor-made solutions perfect for every interior.

Another one of the brand’s standout services is its outdoor kitchen installations. Creating sociable and atmospheric spaces that unite hosts and guests around an inviting cooking area, Zbären’s outdoor kitchens are far greater than just the sum of its parts. These open-air spaces combine the pleasures of barbecuing with nature, design, fire and delicious food, resulting in a landscape that blends harmoniously with the existing garden and the lives of its residents. Much like all of Zbären’s creations, the outdoor kitchens are planned down to the last detail and implemented using exciting materials designed to endure for years, regardless of the weather conditions.


Today, brothers Matthias and Benjamin Zbären are the masterminds behind the exquisite kitchen designs. Working to realise the vision of their clients is of prime importance to the brothers, and so they engage in multiple personal consultations with every client to ensure that each design is as unique and individual as the customer.

For Benjamin, his connection with nature is what guides his designs. Underpinned by his native roots and down-to-earth attitude, each of his creations reflects a part of his identity. Passion, a love for detail and a desire for perfection right down to the individual fibres – these are the characteristics that define Benjamin’s work.

Matthias’ creations bellow with personal commitment at every turn. As unique as the customers for whom they are made, his designs hold aesthetics and quality in the same high regard. His creative energy – which overflows in each of his works – comes from his passion for music, his family and his love of the landscapes of the Bernese Highlands.


Nestled deep in the lovely Simmental in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland, Zbären’s manufacturing facility draws on the peace and beauty of its locale. Fresh mountain air and panoramic views over the Alps offer a unique atmosphere, providing the perfect home to a company with a long-standing tradition. Now in its third generation, the family-centred entity is the culmination of true Swissness: quality, reliability and precision. Everyone at Zbären – from the designers to the craftsman and the showroom personnel – possesses unrivalled expertise, with each team member dedicated to pouring their heart and soul into every step of the process, from sales to production and installation.

Honouring the Zbären name, which has been associated with the cabinet-making trade for generations, the company combines traditional values with professional innovation to create their masterpieces. This is their recipe for success, both in their homeland and abroad. The art of wood construction is a demanding field, requiring ability, know-how, and discipline – all characteristics possessed by the Zbären team. Their goal is to continuously create unique, well-thought-out kitchens that fully realize the home owner‘s wishes, but always in the spirit of Saanenland.


In 2016, Zbären was lauded with the renowned Giardina Gold Award for the “Rockgarden” project. This striking garden installation presented a unique experience, with the inclusion of an impressive 130 tons of erratic boulders and an exquisite outdoor kitchen from Zbären. The different elements of nature such as stone, wood, water and selected plants perfectly matched the kitchen’s innovative design and architecture.

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