The event, cleverly named ‘Oil on Canvas’ for its expose of art through the medium of Olive Oil, was a collaboration between chef Marco Stabile and the owners of Frantoio Di Santa Tea oil mill and attracted over 220 guests including journalists and opinion leaders.

Among those who made an appearance was Alessandro Scorsone, sommelier and master of ceremonies of the Palazzo Chigi, Piero Gonnelli, President and owner of Aifo Gonnelli 1585 srl, Bruno Gambacorta, RAI journalist and host of “Eat Parade” and Oscar Farinetti, founder and president of Eataly.

The history of Frantoio Di Santa Tea is one that dates back to the 1585, a time when the oil mill was already famed for its exceptional olive oil, a result of the olives which grow on the sun-drenched Reggello Plateau, south of Florence.

Serena Gonnelli of Frantoio Di Santa Tea told FOUR that: ‘We created Oil on Canvas because we wanted to communicate that the art is not only the common art. Food is art. A chef makes his dish using a particular selection of materials – just as an artist would. And in the same way, the Extra Virgin olive oil made at Santa Tea is an exceptional product which takes time and skill to produce. We wanted to celebrate food, art and oil as products of the skilful hand under one roof – and that is exactly what we did.’

The food served at the event, which was created by Michelin star chef Marco Stabile, was produced with a view to enhance the sensations and emotions which guests felt when they looked at the paintings and sculptures by Florentine artist Alberto Parigi, six of which were exhibited at the event.

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