O-Food’s intention is to show London the future of fast food by focusing on responsibly sourced vegetarian and fish dishes, with a Nordic twist. The fish it uses are non-“Big Five”. The so-called “Big Five” fish comprises haddock, prawns, tuna, cod and salmon. The popularity of these types of fish creates problems when it comes to replenish-able fishing stock. O-food uses fish sourced from low impact fisheries in Kentalong with fresh, locally sourced vegetables from British farms. Its take-away menu takes inspiration from the Nordics and the preparation techniques used in the region’s leading restaurants. Rumour has it there are two Michelin starred chefs involved in the development of the menu.

The three founders Jens Hannibal, Daniel Flösser and Roel Philippart set up O-food because of a shared passion for sustainable food and business after meeting while studying in London.

Jens Hannibal, one of the co-founders explains: “We’re not people who think that meat-based fast food is inherently bad. We just think that someone needs to take the lead to show people delicious, low impact, alternatives to meat and mainstream choices of fish. Through our pop-up we were hoping to prove that the world is ready for the idea of tasty, sustainable fast food that doesn’t include meat. Over the last four weeks, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response from local customers. So much so, that we’ve decided to put our own money into extending the pop-up for a few more weeks to get more people behind the concept.”

The Sandwiches are priced around £5 and they are worth every penny. “The Hook” and “The Portobello” are highly recommended. Also available are salads, coffee and tea and even breakfast.

The next pop-up shall be announced later this year. Can’t wait for it to open…

O-Food can be found at 54 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3QN. It is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm and will be serving until 23rdof September.www.o-food.co.uk