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01 Jul 2020
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World-leading knife producers Friedr. Dick have been crafting innovative, premium knives, sharpening steels and ancillary items for chefs and butchers since 1778. FOUR finds out more about the esteemed brand whose expertise and long-standing tradition in the industry make their knives kitchen must-haves.

Friedr. Dick is the only manufacturer that offers a complete range of knives, sharpening steels and equipment for professional chefs. Designed and produced for the professional cuisine, F.Dick quality products are a new standard for cutting.

Friedr. Dick’s Steffen Uebele, CEO, tells us more…

Can you give us a brief overview of Friedr. Dick, including how/when it was founded and its philosophy?

Wilhelm Leuze, owner and former CEO of Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co KG said, “The combination of innovative production methods and traditional artwork creates unique pieces and allows us to set a new standard for cutting.” That is Friedr. Dick’s philosophy.

1778 : The American War of Independence rages overseas, Bavaria fights over succession and James Cook discovers Hawaii. And what happens in Esslingen in the Swabian region of Germany? That is where Friedr. Dick’s success story begins. From file specialist to really good knives. From the underdog to the professional’s only choice.

Friedr. Dick has been competing successfully as a Swabian manufacturer of precision tools since 1778, producing knives, sharpening steels, files, special tools and grinding machines. It is one of the leading brands among professional and amateur chefs. All products produced by Friedr. Dick are created using traditional manufacturing methods and state-of-the-art production technology. This gives them their high value, their long service life and the reliability to which Friedr. Dick owes its international reputation.

Customers are your focus, tell us about how you achieve your goal of impressing them?

Our world revolves around cutting and sharpening. Among professional chefs, Friedr. Dick is known as a leading innovator. The appreciation for our products is reflected in the many prizes and awards we receive from experts. A combination of customer requirements, examples culled from practice and our own ideas allow us to develop innovative new products closely related to the users’ requirements.

Now Friedr. Dick brings the chef’s professional choice to every kitchen. The expertise of chefs from apprentice to Michelin-starred chefs are also available for every kitchen around the world. Our world revolves around cutting, so that your world can revolve around tasty food.

What makes Friedr. Dick’s products different from other knife brands?

Friedr. Dick combines different characters and individual strengths and inclinations. United as a team, the result is what Friedr. Dick is all about: a company with personality.

It’s all about hard quality criteria such as perfect cutting ability, an ergonomic handle or first-class steel. But it’s also about the soft side of the knife as a faithful everyday hero, a trustworthy companion when cooking with or for friends and family. Because a F.Dick knife is not just any knife. It is YOUR knife.

Can you tell us more about the production process from conception to execution and how this results in a top-quality product? 

Up to 50 different production steps are required for each knife. The knives are forged form solid pieces of steel, with the blades being specially hardened to at least 56° Rockwell. Great care and precision in the most important production processes such as grinding and hardening, the quality control, as well as the steel alloys, lead to the high quality of the products.

You have some special blades including the AJAX, Hektor and Tanto – can you tell us more about these and what makes them unique?

Those mentioned blades originate from our Red Spirit series which is inspired by Asian craftsmanship and manufactured in Germany. In Asia the color red plays a very important role. A red circle symbolizes a solar globe, the symbol of the goddess of the sun. With this in mind, we decided on a round shaped handle for the design of our knife series Red Spirit.

Apart from the typical blades, various Asian types have also emerged. Especially in the BBQ scene, these special knives are sensational.


Tanto is the Japanese name for a short sword, which originates from traditional Asian and Japanese martial arts. The two phases of the cutting edge give the Tanto its impressive look and outstanding sharpness.


Anyone who loves meat will also love the Butcher´s knife HEKTOR. Because the knife is ideal for the cutting of larger pieces of meat and fish, but also perfectly suitable as a brisket knife for BBQ. Thanks to the long, curved blade, a pulling cut and the cutting of large pieces without tearing is possible.


The striking style of this blade with a wide side and curved cutting edge is perfect for processing meat and poultry. Thanks to the practical hole in the blade, the knife can be hung up without any problems. The perfect knife for all BBQ enthusiasts and meat lovers who show their character and value through something special.

What is your favorite Friedr. Dick knife and why?

Personally, one of my favourite F.Dick knives is the 1905 Santoku with Kullen. This classic Japanese knife has many uses for the preparation of seafood, meat and vegetables. The blade has a Kullen edge, creating a cushion of air, which minimizes food from sticking to the knife and allows especially fine cutting.

I like the 1905 story behind the scenes. The exclusive designer series 1905 combines tradition and innovation. Friedr. Dick already developed and manufactured this extraordinary knife series with solid bolsters in the year 1905. The connection of the steel bolsters to the plastic is inseparable, gap-free and hygienic. The blade is well sharpened, optimally balanced and consists of the high-end chromium steel alloy XCrMoVMn. The embossing completes the classically modern design of the series.

To find out more, contact Friedr. Dick using the following channels:

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