Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay Launches New Restaurant, BiBo, by Celebrated Chef Dani Garcia

17 Aug 2021
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Ideally positioned on the shores of Ibiza’s Talamanca Bay, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a food lover’s paradise. With a septet of restaurants and bars to choose from, including the newly opened BiBo by Dani Garcia, there are no agendas here. Breakfast is served at your leisure, and relaxing lunches blend into deliciously free-spirited nights.

The five-star Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay welcomes guests back to enjoy the essence of laidback luxury and island life with an extended season running until 2 November 2021. New for this summer, the resort introduces BiBo by Dani Garcia – a seasonal pop-up that brings a creative new dining experience to the relaxed Ibizan beachfront.

BiBo joins the renowned Nobu Restaurant to broaden the resort’s vibrant all-day and night gourmet offering for guests and visitors. Also new for 2021, guests can enjoy Sunday Brunch at Nobu Restaurant, bursting with classics and vegetarian options served alongside refreshing cocktails. The culinary choice continues with Chambao, the casual chiringuito beach restaurant just steps from the sea.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Dani Garcia to bring his BiBo dining concept to our guests at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. Alongside Nobu Restaurant and Chambao, Dani Garcia’s BiBo brings innovation and creativity in cuisine to the island of Ibiza, so guests can experience traditional Spanish flare combined with exceptional global flavours,” says chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

Open as of 28 May 2021, BiBo Ibiza Bay offers diners an alfresco space to enjoy fresh, inventive sharing plates and captivating, playful cocktails. Led by revered Spanish chef Dani Garcia, BiBo Ibiza Bay blends the Michelin-starred chef’s creativity and imagination to craft inventive dishes delivering a sense of fun and adventure. Encapsulating the magic of the island, the new restaurant – Dani’s first restaurant venture in Ibiza – will sit alongside chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s famous namesake restaurant where exceptional quality, service and taste take priority. Reservations at BiBo Ibiza Bay can be made here.

“Arriving to a paradise like Ibiza is a dream. Personally, I am passionate about the island and being able to share my BiBo concept with locals and visitors to enjoy the flavours of the world and the cosmopolitan universe of my brasserie. The relaxed and luxurious atmosphere of Nobu Ibiza Bay made it the perfect place to locate BiBo,” says Dani Garcia of his BiBo Ibiza Bay restaurant.

Garcia’s pop-up restaurant is open from 7pm to midnight and serves iconic dishes from the BiBo menu, such as the whole fried marinated sea bass. Completely new and exclusive to BiBo Ibiza Bay is a menu of small plates with a Mexican influence. Co-designed by chef Abril Chamorra, these include dishes like freshly caught red shrimp aguachile. All in all, the BiBo Ibiza Bay menu guarantees bold, new flavour pairings that are inspired by Dani’s international travels.

The hotel’s social vibe will continue with the best of Ibiza’s DJs playing a carefully curated eclectic, effervescent soundtrack at the restaurants. The music-imbued atmosphere will ensure long, casual lunches can stretch into dinner, drinks and beyond as the sun sets over the picturesque bay.


Interview with chef Dani Garcia

FOUR sits down with Dani Garcia to find out more about his restaurant concept BiBo, which has just welcomed a new venue in Londo in addition to the Ibiza Bay outpost.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the concept behind BiBo?

It’s a really democratic concept, which is what we were aiming for with BiBo. It’s about it being for everybody, so that anyone can enjoy my cooking. It also contains the essence of my travels around the world, combined with my way of cooking, which is 100% Andalusian.

How would you describe the food and ambience of the restaurant?

Fun and easy-going. It’s the perfect place to come and enjoy a great meal with family and friends.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the dishes?

The menu is inspired by what I’ve picked up on my travels around the world, my way of being and my favourite dishes. There’s everything from a ceviche to marinated sea bass, for example. And in the case of BiBo Ibiza Bay, there’s a nod to Mexico with dishes that are 100% authentic, including tacos, burritos and grilled lobster.

Why Ibiza? What about this location drew you in and made it well-suited to the BiBo concept?

Personally, I love Ibiza. There’s a special charm to it that makes it really special. We had the opportunity to take BiBo to Nobu Ibiza Bay and we jumped at the chance. And BiBo is a concept that can adapt to any setting and to any surroundings, so it was perfect.

Do you use local ingredients in the BiBo menu? If so, what are some of your favourite local ingredients to use at BiBo Ibiza Bay?

There are options and ingredients that we use in every BiBo, as some dishes are the same across the board. We’ve adapted to local suppliers from the area. The special part of the menu that’s only available in Ibiza is BiBa México.

What are some of your favourite dishes and cocktails on the menu, and why these?

Obviously, the bull’s tail brioche – it’s the classic of all classics in every BiBo. If I had to pick another, it’d be the grilled lobster and the aguachile from the Mexican section.

How do you hope the restaurant will accentuate the guests’ experience at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay?

By having such a different range of dishes from what people can enjoy at Nobu restaurant, for example. BiBo has an extensive menu with a lot of options, so you can select a range of dishes for everyone to share. That’s one of the core values of BiBo, meaning you can really enjoy both the concept and the food.



To find out more about Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay and Bibo, visit the hotel’s website, Facebook page or Instagram profile.


Images courtesy Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay