Nightjar | Ward 8

11 Jun 2015
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Spice up your cocktail repertoire with this recipe from Nightjar, London. Combining the flavours of bbq, pickling spices and gherkin giving a nod to the pickle back craze, yet all reminiscent of a Whiskey Sour.

First made in honour of a politician in Boston in 1898, Nightjar has fittingly upped the sour side of politics in this cocktail that bears close relation to a Whiskey Sour. Bulleit Rye whiskey is infused with pickling spices and a splash of gherkin juice. The drink is rounded off with a rim of tangy Korean BBQ sauce.

Ward 8

Glass | Coupe

Garnish |Korean BBQ sauce, gherkin


50ml Bulleit Rye infused with pickling spices

10ml pureed gherkin juice

3 bar spoons blood orange marmalade

Splash grenadine

15ml fresh lemon


Shake and strain into a coupe

Find out more about Nightjar here |