Nightjar | London Mule

08 May 2015
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Regularly voted as one of the best bars in the world, Nightjar introduces its new menu of Spring and Summer cocktails and to celebrate everyone is invited to enjoy with this recipe for the weekend.

The new collection of drinks launching this monthis the most recent work of pioneering bartender Marian Beke and his bar team atthe Nightjar. To celebrate FOUR will be posting a recipe over the coming weeksso thatyou can all sit back and enjoy the weekendwith a delicious cocktail in hand.

Having been voted one of the best three bars in the world for the same consecutive number of years, Nightjar’s mission is to breathe new life into forgotten favourites. Taking inspiration from history and moderninnovation, the menu reflects the changing nature of drinks throughout time periods such as;Pre-prohibition, Prohibition and Post war to create a fabulously creative and rich mix of flavours.

This week we start with the reinvention of the bygone cocktail known as the London Mule…

London Mule

Glass |Large Glass or Tankard

Garnish | Slice of pear, crushed ice


40ml Tanqueray gin

25ml Kamm & Sons ginseng spirit

Half lime

10ml honey or sugar syrup

30ml Cawstorne Press apple & rhubarb juice

2 dashes bitters

Topped up with ginger beer


Shake and strain into a large glass or tankard, top with ginger beer and serve immediately.

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