“The new flavors were presented at the Cannes Duty Free Show this past September and buyers were excited with the concept, “ said Yuriy Sorochynskiy, CEO Nemiroff Vodka. The new flavors will be launched under the Inked Collection.

“Our approach is always authentic and always from the soul,” Sorochynskiy continued. “These new flavors are true to the Nemiroff brand – bold, unique, elegant and most of all authentic.”

The bottle is familiar because it is the same handsome design used for the Nemiroff Original and Honey Pepper expressions. The liquid inside is packed with flavor.

The Inked Collection includes the foll owing new flavors:

Burning Pear:  Pure Nemiroff Vodka, infused with estate harvested honey, local peppers and fresh pear.  A mellow vodka that is velvety smooth, followed by a touch of rich heat.

Bold Orange:  Pure Nemiroff Vodka, infused with estate harvested honey, chili peppers and fresh orange flavors.  The result? A bright and clean flavor explosion with just the right hints of citrus, sweet and spice.

Wild Cranberry:  Pure Nemiroff Vodka, infused with real cranberry. This vodka has a refreshing flavor, just slightly sweet.  Perfect on its own or with a squeeze of fresh lime and sparkling water.

The Inked Collection is inspired by creative force and energy behind tattoos, also known as ink– one of the ways individuals personalize and identify themselves among friends and family.

“We like to think that Ink represents a rite of passage or a way for individuals to create their own destiny.  We support and celebrate  that ,” Sorochynskiy added.


To find out more, visit Nemiroff’s website.