Nesmuk Knives

17 Jul 2013
2 min read
FOUR shares 13 Nesmuk facts you need to know if you’re a fan of bespoke knives…

1. Nesmuk is one of the top luxury knife manufacturers in Germany – ranked 5thamong Germany’s top luxury brands in 2011.

2. Walter Grave, managing director of Nesmuk says the vision behind Nesmuk is to “create products which are perfect in every aspect…”

3. Nesmuk revives old values with traditional craftsmanship and, at the same time, meets the highest demands regarding sharpness, blade geometry and aesthetics.

4. Nesmuk’s chefs knives are between €325and€5,000.

5. On average, the team at Nesmuk spend three to four years studying, carrying out comparative analytical tests and methods of highly skilled precision craftsmanship when creating a Nesmuk knife.

6. This year Nesmuk presented a new product, Nesmuk-Gourmet-Folder, a sophisticated folding knife that can be used as steak knife in restaurants.

7. All Nesmuk knives are designed with the basic form of knives that were around 3,500 years ago, in mind.

8. For numerous well-known top chefs, including Michelin star chef Dieter Müller, the Nesmuk EXKLUSIV is the first choice in knives.

9. Nesmuk offer a variety of 18 different handles, including precious woods or selected special synthetics such as micarta, juma ivory or juma black and a choice of steel, silver or gold platinum collars available. Special requests are gladly taken into account – at an extra cost.

10. Each Nesmuk EXKLUSIV is unique and is delivered in a precious piano lacquer case and a wooden sheath.

11. Nesmuk EXKLUSIV Full Damascus consists of up to 480 layers of selected carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness of 62.

12. Nesmuk offers its customers a free 30 year re-sharpening service. To preserve sharpness, Nesmuk also offers the Nesmuk strope – a sharpening tool which featuresstrips of leather on stable, oiled oak core with diamond pastes of different degrees offineness applied to them.

13. Nesmuk knives have received numerous awards such as the International Knife Award, among others.

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