My Life in Dishes | Jürgen Vigne

05 Jul 2014
2 min read
Michelin star chef Jürgen Vigne of Austrian Restaurant Pfefferschiff gives us FOUR of the most prominent dishes in his life…
Turbot with Roast Tomatoes and Olives

This dish reminds me typically of the Mediterranean, sea and sunsets. A very simple and pure dish, the complexity comes from the freshness of the used products. Together with the right bottle of white wine it becomes a heavenly dish. For me it is important that you can taste that someone really cared about the products, like a good farmer or fisherman.

Goose-liver with black Nettle and Walnut

One of my favourite dishes. The marinated goose liver paired with the fresh black nettle that breaks down the richness of the liver. And finally the slightly tart flavour of the walnut, which combines and intensifies all the components of this dish. Just ingenious. We serve this dish in our restaurant in late summer when the nuts are perfect and the black nettle has enough power.

Roast Pike Filet with Ragout of Asparagus and Tarragon and TomatoJus

The firm and meaty consistency of the pike in contrast of the crisp and fresh asparagus all brought together threw the jus of perfectly ripe tomatoes and tarragon – outstanding. A splendid dish in the early summer that reminds me of all the high quality products, which we have right in front of our doors here in Austria.

Filet of Venison with Porcini and Macaroni

A classic dish that has accompaniedme since my first years as a chef. The perfectly roasted filet of venison with the intense flavour of the porcini served with macaroni and a light cream sauce. On top of that we finish it with a rich jus of venison and fresh herbs. This dish is a dream on a plate. When I cook and eat such dishes I am reminded ofwhy I became a chef and that it was the right decision.

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