Mochi: Secrets of a Japanese Confection

13 Mar 2015
< 1 min read
Make this simple Japanese snack food and elevate it to a delicately sweet dessert.

In Japan, mochi it is traditionally made in a ceremony calledmochitsuki. While also eaten year-round,mochiis a traditional food for theJapanese New Yearand is commonly sold and eaten during that time.Many types of traditionalwagashiandmochigashi(Japanese traditional sweets) are made withmochi. For example,daifukuis a soft roundmochistuffed with sweet filling, such as sweetenedred bean paste(an) or white bean paste (shiro an).Ichigo daifukuis a version containing a wholestrawberryinside.

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Camera & Editor: Francisco Aliwalas
Food Stylist: Ritsuko Yamaguchi