Mirazur Reopens with a New Menu that Celebrates Mother Nature

25 Jun 2021
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Mirazur reopened earlier this month, and with it, has launched a new menu dedictated to the natural world. After months of closure, the team of the 3-Michelin-starred restaurant led by chef Mauro Colagreco is ready share the most recent fruits of their ongoing research with their guests, sending their palates on a journey of discovery. 

Mirazur’s Lunar Menu is the restaurant’s newest approach that incorporates all the work done in its garden through biodynamic agriculture, transforming it into delicious creations in the kitchen. The entire Mirazur experience is now set to the rhythm of the lunar calendar; the continuous movement of nature.  Depending on the day of arrival, guests will be immersed in one of the four menu variations:  Root Mirazur Universe, Leaf Mirazur UniverseFruit Mirazur Universe or Flower Mirazur Universe.

This is as a result of the team most recently – and more than ever before – coming to realise the vulnerability and the global impact of humans’ lifestyles:

“Today we are faced with a real need to reinvent ourselves with a greater respect for Mother Earth itself. What has inspired our approach at Mirazur is a more back to basics approach and being led by the force of the natural world itself. Our greatest challenge is placing the cycle of life at the centre of the choices and actions we take, changing the age of human-led activity to become one of nature-led. We would like you to join us in relearning together: to listen to nature – smell it, understand it and submit to it on a daily basis.”

A kitchen that looks at the moon

The culinary stage at Mirazur is completely influenced by nature and celebrates everything that makes it unique. The restaurant is punctuated by the rhythm of the gardens which naturally follow the lunar calendar.

“The moon and stars are the true orchestra conductors of our garden; the lunar calendar highlights this interaction through different parts of the plants and the elements of the earth. The roots are thus bound to the earth, the leaves to water, the flowers to air, and the fruits to fire.

Working more in our gardens during the lockdown and closely observing the naturally occurring forces has allowed our creativity to thrive and connect with what is essential to us. The result of this silent vital flow is the team has developed a kitchen in four variations where dependant on the day of arrival, guests will be immersed in one of the four: Root Universe, Leaf Universe, Flower Universe, Fruit Universe.”

Each guest will travel through a well-defined sensory journey of dishes, mainly from the Mirazur gardens, highlighting the diversity of Roots, Leaves, Flowers or Fruits. These four universes are the common thread in each of the experiences and come together with the elements already present in chef Mauro Colagreco’s cuisine: seafood from local and responsible fishing, meat from carefully selected farms, and the riches from the historical producers and market gardeners of the surrounding Mediterranean region.

These creations thus invite everyone to reflect on all the exchanges that take place continually throughout our ecosystem. A network of interconnections that allows life to be maintained.

About Mirazur

In 2006, Mauro Colagreco established Mirazur in Menton, France, in an unusual 1930s Modernist building with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea. Much more than a restaurant, Mirazur is a Mediterranean estate, a way of life, a way of thinking and living with nature as its focus. In 2019, Mirazur received three stars from the French Michelin Guide and was voted No.1 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ list. Today, always on the move and with a desire to continue learning and moving forward, Mauro Colagreco pursues his dreams to put the concerns of the Earth at the centre of his creations.

About Mauro Colagreco

From his native Argentina to the French Riviera, the journey was passionate. But above all, it was a path strewn with travels, discoveries, ambitions, and hard work that led him to the top of his art. His daring and his vision reflect his cuisine that transcends the seasons and the region. Always Mediterranean, instinctive and generous. Convinced of the benefits of short circuits and strong links he has forged with nature, chef Mauro Colagreco is committed to saving the planet. He works to fight climate change in the best possible way, a chef without borders, constantly on the move, he rubs shoulders with excellence in all its simplicity.

Mirazur is now open. For reservations, visit their website.


Images © Matteo Carrasale