Michelin star cocktails

12 Dec 2017
2 min read
The secret to beyond excellence cocktails at Onno Kokmeijer’s two-star restaurant…

Onno Kokmeijer is the executive chef at the two-star Michelin restaurant Ciel Bleu, Amsterdam. Recently, he partnered with Friesland Campina Creamy Creation, a development and manufacturing partner for global brand owners, to add his signature twist to their cream liqueurs’ recipes with the help of their products that create absolute unrivalled cocktails. In the spotlight: their Espresso Martini. An international classic cocktail, with a modern signature twist.

“This Espresso Martini is a variation of the classic Espresso Martini, a recognizable cocktail for our international guests. We have replaced the Kahlua coffee liquor with Creamy Creation’s mixable cream liqueur. The cream liqueur gives the cocktail a much richer taste. The silky mouthfeel is incredible, and the taste lasts longer, letting our customers enjoy their cocktail for even longer.

The creamy taste is very accessible, also for consumers who do not prefer a strong taste of alcohol. The soft and silky texture of the drink leaves the consumer with a pleasant aftertaste. It is also very suitable for seasonal tweaks, for example adding the warm taste of cinnamon shavings complements the special winter feel.

Remarkably, we see people enjoy our Espresso Martini throughout the day. Traditionally, this cocktail was considered to be an after-dinner cocktail, but the twist we made to the recipe makes it suitable for all-round consumption. Also, the cream liqueur results in a layered build-up of the drink, it’s not only visually appealing, but also is a contagious trend – when people see the cocktail, they get curious and want to have it too!

The layer of coffee cream liqueur is an essential ingredient for the cocktail. It does not only look and taste good, it also enables the customers to determine the taste of the drink. By gently stirring the cream liqueur in the bottom of the glass, they elevate their drink to perfection. Stirring the drink unlocks a cloud of tasty cream liqueur to mix with the rest of the ingredients.” – Onno Kokmeijer about his Espresso Martini.



A short shot of espresso


Creamy Creation’s cream liqueur

Homemade vanilla syrup

Coffee bean shavings



Fill a martini cocktail glass with a shot of Creamy Creation’s cream liqueur. Pour the short shot of espresso in a shaker, add a shot of vodka and a dash of the vanilla syrup. Shake firmly to create an aerated layer of coffee froth. Slowly pour the mix into the cocktail glass with cream liqueur and leave to settle for a few seconds. Shave the coffee beans on top of the froth to add an additional hint of spiciness to the cocktail.




Visit Creamy-creation.com for more information about the Espresso Martini by Onno Kokmeijer.