Michelin-star Chef Lorenzo di Gravio Brings Exclusive Dining Experience to D Maris Bay

26 Aug 2021
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The luxe D Maris Bay hotel in Muğla, Turkey has partnered with Michelin-star chef Lorenzo di Gravio to launch a week-long gourmet pop-up. Guests can taste exclusively designed dishes featuring scrumptious seafood and refreshing desserts in the lunch and dinner services, all while taking in panoramic views of Bay Beach, accompanied by lively Mediterranean rhythms for a multisensory experience.

D Maris Bay is hosting Lorenzo di Gravio, the executive chef of Michelin-starred Assaje restaurant in Rome from August 23 to September 1 2021. The renowned chef Lorenzo di Gravio will bring his refined flavours to the D Maris Kitchen, which will be accepting a limited number of guests by reservation.

D Maris Bay, a hidden paradise nestled in the unique nature of the Datça Peninsula, offers exceptional culinary experiences with authentic flavours from Turkish and international cuisines. Lorenzo di Gravio will present delicious seafood dishes and refreshing dessert varieties in the lunch and dinner menus during his week-long stay at the D Maris Kitchen.

Chef Lorenzo di Gravio’s menu will consist of authentic dishes, cooked with his unique techniques, and paired with a fine wine selection while lively Mediterranean rhythms accompany guests’ culinary experience. Hosted at D Maris Kitchen, located at Bay Beach, the longest beach of D Maris Bay, guests will have the opportunity to taste Lorenzo di Gravio’s menu for a week as they enjoy conversations around gastronomy to the backdrop of sea views.

The lunch menu includes delicacies such as tuna tartare with mozzarella cream, homemade gnocchi with mussels, and linguine with clams, offering guests a mouthwatering break by the crystal-clear waters of D Maris Bay. The dinner menu features outstanding dishes such as watermelon carpaccio and leer fish marinated in tomato juice, accompanied by the stunning sunset views of D Maris Bay.

Guests who wish to discover Lorenzo di Gravio’s exclusive menus during their stay at D Maris Bay can book this one-time dining experience by contacting D Maris Kitchen directly for reservations by phone on + 90 252 441 20 00 or email at info@dmarisbay.com.