Tasting Notes

Meal in a tin

Rocco Tolomeo, bar manager of the Jahreszeiten Bar at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich, gives this Friday treat with Diamond Ice Noble Vodka.

As a logical continuation of the crescendo, Tolomeo finishes with a Bloody Mary, which he has christened ‘Meal in a Tin’.

Served in a conserve tin, accompanied by a celery stick that has been caramelised with raw sugar and garnished with crème fraîche and tarragon. A refreshing and crisp experience with a certain sharpness, allowing the taste of Diamond Ice to come through.

Overall, it’s a wonderfully tting composition. Product character is found at the bar, too, perfectly suited to the classical Jahreszeiten Bar, which itself already captivates with its feel-good atmosphere.


Meal in a tin


40ml Diamond Vodka

20ml fresh lemon

100ml tomato juice

Salt, pepper, Tabasco, Worcester Sauce, to taste



Celery stick caramelised in white cane sugar and garnished with creme fraiche and tarragon.



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