Mauro Colagreco Launches New Moon-inspired Menu at Mirazur

07 Jul 2020
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The World’s Best Restaurant is reopening with a new a direction. Introducing an ever-changing ‘Lunar Menu’, the dishes will pay tribute to nature’s cyclic essence by aligning with cycle of the moon. Divided into four offerings – Root, Leaf, Flower and Fruit – the menu and the restaurant will reflect this new philosophy. 

In a bold and brave new step, 3-Michelin-starred Mirazur in Menton, France, will alter its menu and cuisine for good. Led by famed Argentinian chef Mauro Colagreco, the revered restaurant achieved many accolades for its heartfelt cooking, including being named the best restaurant in 2019 by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The restaurant as we knew it will, however, now change its tune for the foreseeable future.

Unprecedented times bring revolutionary opportunities, and with the temporary closure of Mirazur, Mauro was afforded a hiatus – a time to reflect, recuperate and regroup. He re-emerged with new ideas and the restructured Mirazur will now reflect the chef’s new outlook. Inspired by nature’s ever-changing cycle of life, the new ‘Lunar Menu’ will follow suit. The restaurant will, too, adapt and change on a frequent basis and whilst favourite wines will remain on the menu, interesting new varieties will also appear.

Often referred to as a gardener more than a chef, Mauro and his team have spent the last few months immersed in Mirazur’s hillside garden, exploring, experimenting and, of course, eating. This small Garden of Eden flourishes with a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs and is home to France’s oldest avocado tree. By day, the garden is drenched by the sun and by night, it glows in the moonlight, with its reflection glistening in the calm waters of the French Riviera below. The solitude of the last few months has reignited Mauro’s love for the land, reinforcing his connection to its produce and intensifying his gardening efforts.

The chef’s desire to express the enchantment of his garden has changed his cooking mindset, and led to a completely reinvented menu and dining experience at Mirazur. Committed to the cyclical changes of the moon and the seasonal adjustments of time, Mirazur will now introduce the continuously-evolving Lunar Menu, divided into four separate offerings – Root, Leaf, Flower and Fruit – each of which will align with the cycle of the moon.

New dishes will be created on a daily basis using produce mainly sourced from the Mirazur garden, guided by ingredients that are at their most nutritionally dense and flavoursome point. Additionally, Mirazur will continue to use local seafood and support its local producers and farmers, honoring relationships that have been forged and values shared over many years.

Commenting Mauro said, “I am overjoyed to reopen the doors at Mirazur and welcome guests back to the restaurant. It has been a challenging time, but with the support of our guests, staff, producers, suppliers and partners we return with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Our Lunar Menu creates an entirely new experience for guests, finally deeply connecting nature to the kitchen and ultimately the plate.”

While biodynamic produce has been used for its exceptional taste for many years already, the biodynamic philosophy hasn’t as yet been assimilated into when people eat – only into what. Mirazur’s new Lunar Menu will take the biodynamic principles that Mauro uses in his garden and evolve that connection to the plate. This will create an experience that seamlessly captures a perfect moment in time for the diners, allowing them to savor in exactly what nature intended, when she intended it.

The dining room will continue on the story, also representing the cyclic menu in colour, layout and texture. This labour-intensive approach to dining is warmly welcomed by the world-class team at Mirazur, all of whom are committed to the authenticity, natural rhythm and connection of this new style of dining.

Mirazur is now open. For reservations, please contact +33 (0)4 92 41 86 86 or email


Images © Matteo Carassale