Masters of Mixology

15 May 2014
2 min read
MO Bar will be hosting its sixth annual Masters of Mixology event this June, and we’ve got some exclusive interviews with the masters to celebrate…

MO Bar at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental,Hong Kongwill be hosting itssixth annual Masters of Mixologyevent on10,11 and 13 June 2014. This year MO Bar will continue to up the ante by bringingthree of the best international mixologists toHong Kong. Every night is a different theme that offers guests a truly global Masters of Mixology occasion.Takumi Watanabe, Dohwan EomandNatasha DavidfromJapan,Koreaand theUnited Stateskick off the party from a variety of local flavours and spices, to an array of spirits that you can never resist! Taking this signature MO Bar annual mixology concept to the next level, theTippling Club, headed by chef-owner Ryan Clift, from Singapore will make itsfirst appearance in Hong Kongby taking over the upstairs Shell room for apop-up cocktail pairing restaurant, pairing cocktails and its ultra-progressive cuisine just hot off this year’s S.Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Three Themed Nights and Three World-Class Mixologists

Tuesday, 10 June– Stirred or Shaken

Wednesday, 11 June– Hong Kong Wet Market to Shaker

Friday, 13 June– All the Way Down South


What is your favourite cocktail ingredient to use?

When my guests are ordering my signature cocktails, I’d choose Japanese typical ingredients, such as Yuzu, Sake, Matcha. I like the regional flavor…

What’s your signature cocktail?

  • Red Thorn Cocktail (gaz regan’s World Best Cocktail 101, 2013)
  • Botanical Garden (Diageo World Class 2010Japanwinning cocktail)
  • Japanegroni (latest cocktail appear at MO Bar 2014, June)

What’s your tipple of choice?

Tanqueray No.10 and Negroni as well

Recipe : Green Tea Martini

60ml belvedere

30ml white cacao liqueur

5ml Japanese traditional syrup Kuromitsu

1tsp green tea powder

Natasha David

What is your favourite cocktail ingredient to use?

I love using spirits low in alcohol. Everything from Vermouth, to Sherry, to Amaros. I like drinking session cocktails- cocktails that you can drink all afternoonwhile talking with your friends. I also like the challenge of having to create body and texture with ingredients that aren’t usually associated with those things.

What’s your signature cocktail?

I think the cocktail that best describes my style is a drink called the “Pinkies Out” which is currently on my menu at Nitecap. The base is Orange Wine which I then mix with Chamomile flower infused Blanc Vermouth, a little Cocchi Americano, Verjus Blanc and dry Spanish Apple Cider. It’s a delicate drink, but one that you need a straw for as it should be slurped. Plus is low in alcohol so you can have as many as you want!

What’s your tipple of choice?

At the end of a long shift I always like to drink a glass of wine. A very large glass of wine. But as far as cocktails my go to is a Negroni (which goes against everything I just said about low alcohol drinking!). There isn’t anything quite as satisfying as an ice cold Negroni on a big chunk of ice.

Recipe : Tartan Swizzle

1.75 oz Famous Grouse Blended Scotch

0.25 oz Laphroaig 10 yr

1 oz Passion Mix (Passion Fruit, Ginger, Cinnamon, Peche de Vigne)

0.75 oz Pineapple Juice

0.75 oz Lime Juice

Build in a Pilsner glass, swizzle, snow cone and garnish with pineapple, lime wheel and cherry flag + 3 pineapple fonds.

Dohwan Eom

What is your favourite cocktail ingredient to use?

Egg whites.

What’s your signature cocktail?

Shall we kiss?

What’s your tipple of choice?

Vegetable, hub, fruits.