Masque Mumbai Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary With Chef Jorge Vallejo

18 Sep 2018
2 min read

This September, wilderness-to-table restaurant Masque Mumbai will celebrate their two- year anniversary with an exciting four-hands dinner. Chef Jorge Vallejo of Quintonil restaurant, Mexico City—currently ranked 11th in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards — together with Masque’s head chef Prateek Sadhu, will be serving up a collaborative meal showcasing the colourful flavours of Mexico and India.

Since opening two years ago, Masque has continued to excel and innovate setting the standard for modern Indian cuisine. Prateek’s commitment to sustainability in his restaurant won him a ranking among the top 10 on Food Tank’s 2016 list of restaurant innovators in the world. In the same year, Chef Prateek was awarded most innovative chef of the year by the Western Culinary Association of India.

Having met in Noma’s kitchen over 6 years ago, the two chefs have continued to stay in touch sharing their passion for great quality, sustainable cuisine; despite living in different ends of the world. In 2017, Jorge and Prateek reunited for an unforgettable New Year’s feast in Mexico City, and this September they will again join forces to celebrate Masque’s important milestone.

Together the chefs will embark on an adventure throughout India’s Kashmir region where, relying on Prateek’s wealth of expertise and close ties with local farmers, they will forage the land and meet with producers to source out less known ingredients native to the area. The journey will culminate with a bespoke tasting menu served at Masque restaurant featuring the treasures from their journey interpreted in new ways.

Chef Prateek places great importance on using only the highest quality, sustainably sourced produce either grown on his own farm, obtained from local producers or foraged throughout the Kashmir region. Rare ingredients such as fiddlehead ferns, hisalu berries, kafal and ghingaroo fruit, for instance, are regular features on Masque’s exquisite menu. Through using only locally sourced ingredients, Chef Prateek aims to move away from the standardized vision of Indian food and instead, reveal the essence of Indian cuisine.

 September 20-21st, 2018. Rs. 9800 (including tax, excluding beverages) per person. Click here to book.